Win Steep Box Tea With Cee


If you’ve been following #CeeSummerLoves17 you’d know that one of my favorite discoveries this summer has been the Steep Box Loose Leaf Tea Range. With all the health benefits and amazing flavors in the range it’s no wonder we all haven’t been converted.

Read all about my Steep Box likes by clicking THIS LINK. Then come back to this page and stand a chance to ENTER.

Thanks to the great interest in the Steep Box tea’s and because I think everyone should have themselves a Steep Box morning, we will be giving away some tea!

That’s right; you could win some of my favorite teas. Whether it’s those of you who want to try the “Russian Snowbud, or your interest is in the Lemon Chai Rocker, the selections are endless.

Entry Details & Rules:

  1. Follow Steepbox Tea on all their social media platforms.(Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
  2. Retweet or Share the post on your own social platform.
  3. Tag Steep Box, CeecesTravel and a friend in your RT or Share’s.
  4. You MUST use the hashtag #CeeSummerLoves17.

And that’s all folks!

1 Winner will be chosen from each social media platform. (Facebook, Twitter, IG).

Each winner will win a box from Steep Box, with a varied selection of teas inside.

Entry opens to RSA residents only.

Winners will be notified, if no return contact is made, runner ups will be contacted.

Competition runs from the 14th February – 21st February 2017.

Winner chosen at 12 Noon on 21st February 2017.

Prize will be delivered via Steep Box to Winners.


One Reply to “Win Steep Box Tea With Cee”

  1. Following Steepbox Tea on all their social media platforms.(Facebook, Twitter @rehanaseedat and Instagram @rehanaseedat.5.
    Retweeted & Shared the post via twitter, facebook and instagram
    Taging Steep Box, CeecesTravel and a friend
    using hashtag #CeeSummerLoves17.

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