529 Boardroom Social in March

Press release

The Boardroom 529 IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The team behind the 529 Boardroom Social, is pleased to announce the second installment of the 529 Social on the 03rd March 2017 – an experience which is specifically tailored for the lifestyle of young professionals in and around business hubs.

This bespoke after work social event aims remain an exclusive gathering created for corporate young professionals who wish to mingle, distress and network after their 9 to 5 with like-minded people.


How it works

Every month corporate guests (young professionals) are exclusively invited to attend the 529 Social which takes place once a month at an exclusive venue in Durban. 300 guests are invited via email, which prompts them to RSVP in order to book their spot. Upon arrival at the event guests are met by hostess who welcome them and provide them with an entry tag. Guests are than showed into the venue to experience and enjoy the 529 Social with refreshments and live entertainment.


The Platform

To facilitate easy correspondence and engagement for you (the young professional), we have created The Boardroom After 5. This is a digital platform which allows you to RSVP, view the latest pics from the previous events and get the lowdown on up and coming events. Better yet, our Board members can also have the option to download high quality pics at the leisure. We will continuously optimist this platform to make it easy to engage with our guests, and ensure that we have the freshest and most up to date content.

Our Host

The 529Social is proudly hosted by Bain’s Whisky a Cape Mountain whisky which is single grain that is produced at the James Sedgwick Distillery in South Africa. We are also pleased to announce our new co-host Savanna Premium Cider Produced and Launched in South Africa in 1996.

For your invitation to the next event sign up on www.theboardroomafter5.co.za .

To stay up to date with what’s hip and happening in the world of young pro’s follow us on

(Instagram) Theboardroom529

(Facebook) Theboardroom529

(Twitter) boardroom529


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