La Vita Spa -Breakers Resort Launch

Oh Snap! At least that’s what Will from The Fresh Prince of Bellair would say, as he stepped out the elevator at the La Vita Spa Launch. I almost did, but then I swiftly recalled I was not Will Smith and best to just wave and smile. Giggle. What I am trying to say is that when the doors opened and we stepped into the newly renovated and launched La Vita Spa, my mind went “hmmm, I could get used to this”.

Walking in as we did, Leigh and Zack to my left and I on the right, we were greeted by a lady dressed in a smart white uniform who took down our names, offered as champagne (alcoholic and none alcoholic – points already scored La Vita) and then entered us into a draw for later in the evening. I must tell you, Zack my god-nephew by all accounts has become the youngest socialite I currently know. At 11.3 months old (Its our birthdays this month) he has attended many a launch or event with me and mum in tow. I do expect once the talking bit comes a bit more naturally to him, he’ll be dropping the hashtag #IsZackInvited on social media.

Before I leap into how wonderful the experience and evening was I must tell you. During my childhood Spa’s were just not my vibe. I didn’t know much about them, I wasn’t too fussed over them and quite frankly I never had the money nor the time. (Even though I managed hotels). Later down the years, I started taking interest, I wanted to know about the lighter services, such as nail painting, and exfoliation treatments. I wanted to know about the rubs in tubs that I could use at home. Over the years I have familiarized myself with what a Spa’s purpose is and how one can utilize it.

As someone who has worked 12-16-24 hour shifts most of her life and who is now a budding entrepreneur let me tell you, I have been DROOLING over treatments and full body massages. I could do with nothing more than a day, being pampered and dotted on for hours in a serene and calm environment.

And that my friends, is exactly what La Vita Spa’s would like to offer you. La Vita understands that times have changed, people have changed and quite frankly everyone’s way of life and going about it has changed. We all work way to much, our work, life balance is off center and its causing havoc with our bodies and mindsets. We need to reign ourselves in somewhat and if that means a day at the spa, then so be it.

Besides, I noticed the La Vita Spa’s stocked OPI Nail Polish and that pretty much is enough to win me over. Giggle. 

Anyway back to the actual event, once we had settled in and joined the rest of the guests around the snack table, we listened to the vision and goals of the brand, where La Vita wanted to go in the future and where they wanted to take you.

Now don’t get my wrong, I was listening 100% to every word, but being so involved in social media, I could not help but get some snapchats and IG stories in. So while recording, listening and focusing on center of the room, my brain suddenly stopped and went all Beyonce on me. And by that I mean it said “Hold Up”……. is that Nesan Pather?

And it was. See folks, Nesan Pather is with the First Group Mng. Nesan is also an Actor an MC, a Social media boffin, a Director, a Writer and an Entrepreneur to name a few of his titles. Nesan is one of those guys I follow on social media, just to see where they’re heading next. Just to see what step they’re going to take to wow the world or change it, they often do. So to see him standing, talking and hosting the event, put a smile on my dial. Wow. La Vita had won me over with good lighting (their decor is insane), biltong snacks, nail polish and Nesan. We hadn’t even looked around yet.

So on, Nesan spoke. And we all listened. We all wanted to know more about La Vita and explore this brand for ourselves. La Vita is not just at the wonderful Breakers Resort, oh no folks. La Vita Spa’s are based all over Kwa Zulu Natal in Southern Africa. Don’t go limiting your dreams by thinking so small, they didn’t after all.

One of my other favorite estates the Selborne Golf Estate Hotel & Spa down the coast, happens to play home to La Vita as well. To find out about our amazing experience there, click the highlighted link.

Once our welcome had been made, we started exploring the Spa in whole. Down a warmly lit corridor, doors led to private rooms, sauna’s, and Jacuzzi. The one room we walked into looked a little alien to me? I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean the way my mind works, the orange gadgets that were placed on a table, could either be cellulite busters or, and stay with me, Men in Black memory neutralizers attached to Star Wars Jedi Knight Lightsabers? What? I sometimes have an over active imagination, okay. They looked cool, I wanted to touch them, but I didn’t. You have to adult in some situations.

Moving back up the hall, we walked into a room, with light blue tones, beautiful stoned walls, and an air of silence about it. Even with everyone moving around and mingling in the room next door, I could not hear anyone else’s conversation. And I liked that.


Every now and then everyone would be called into the lounge area as draws for spot prizes were held. It was fun and we all got a chance to laugh at each other. Especially when Leigh’s name was drawn, and no one could read the writing on the card. I had filled that card in for Leigh mind you. Note to self * You’re not a doctor, work on your hand writing*.

Anyway, Leigh was one of the first few prize winners and I was so happy for her. Leigh works as a business analyst, in her free time she helps other human beings, literally bring life into this world (she’s a Doula) and when she’s not saving businesses and checking heart beats, she’s at home with her 3 kids who are all under the age of 10. I think this would be another Will Smith, Oh Snap! Moment! *Looks around* Does anyone have a Mic for me to drop? 

Have I mentioned yet how pretty much the entire time all of this was going on, I had a plate of food in my hand? Look I am not to blame, the catering for the event was off the charts insane, in fact I am assuming the meals were made onsite at the hotel? Well either way the food got a 10/10 from me, a crowd cheer, a bow and a kiss on the cheek! It was that yummy. I mean, who basically never puts their plate down?

There were mini bunny chows, and biltong and prawns and veggie wraps, and pieces of brilliantly cooked steak, I mean really now?

I must say one thing I really liked was the mix of people and their professions at the event. I noticed and knew many of the guests and it was so wonderful to see everyone being invited to one event, no cause for niche really but rather, who the brand wanted to spoil and let know first that they’re here.

As a past qualified event manager, I know the importance of putting together the right people for an event, the importance of paying attention to everyone’s character. This could be in a sense where you want everyone to relax and have a calm and peaceful environment, or you want people who are going to go a little on the wild side and add sparks to your event. It’s all in the detail and the La Vita Team, paid well attention to that fact.

As the night came to a near close, we drew the last few winners names. I happened to be one of them. I won a half day spa day at the hotel for being the most active on social media. Giggle, I cant help it, its what I do. Thank you so much La Vita for that prize. You have NO IDEA how badly its needed and will be used asap.

And then, much like when you’re in the audience at an Oprah show, the host started declaring, “you get a prize, you get a prize, every body is getting a prize”!!!!!!!! Oprah I tell you, would have been surprised and impressed at the same time. 

As the night came to an end, we thanked our hosts, who truly out did themselves. I had a fantastic evening, and I cant wait to come back for my treatments. Can somebody say “day off”.

When I got home, and was about to go to bed the curiosity hit me, I wanted to see what was sin my gift bag, and boy was its splendid. We were give such thoughtful gifts, body butters, sun lotions, lip balms, cleansers and even a really beautiful neck less.

Thank you so much for hosting us, La Vita Spa’s. You out did yourselves and I cant wait to come back and further more, explore more of your properties.

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