#CeeSummerLoves17 – Wellness Warehouse

I love gifts. I also like trying out new products. Oh and I really, really, really like finding products and items that work and make a difference to the way I go about life.

So as with the concept of #CeeSummerLoves17, I was lucky to try out some products from the Wellness Warehouse family. And try them out did I. I don’t think there is actually a product that I tested that I wasn’t happy with? Okay there was that one product which I don’t see myself buying again, but to no fault of the brand, just my own personal tastes.

So what did I try?

Let’s just say I have a “forever reason” to have hot baths as often as possibly. Sadly I also live in Durban, and the humidity here during Summer, simply laughs at the idea of having a hot bath. It’s okay though, it means I will get to use my Wellness Rose Bath salts more often in a month or two.

So what about when you’re not in the bath pretending to be a mermaid? Well, leading as busy and active a life as I do, with work and adventures, its not always easy to pay attention to my diet.

Generally it’s eat whats closest quickest. Since I have been working out daily and getting back into good health, I have been putting only what my body needs into it, thus discovering the brand Wellness Warehouse in perfect timing. Honestly, you know that feeling when you walk into a health store and can’t even pronounce the names on some products, let alone know what they are?

Well, the team at Wellness Warehouse are all about educating their clients. Helping their clients choose what’s good for them individually. The brand has such a bright and positive energy online, I love chatting to them. And if I have a question, I feel confident enough to ask it.

And that is a huge part about choosing a healthier lifestyle. No one wants to be made to feel like they’re the worst. Something I often feel when I walk into a “health” store or a gym. Not cool, life is about having fun, being happy and enjoying each step and adventure. And I feel that my healthy/fit journey is in great hands with Wellness Warehouse.

Now unfortunately I am not located near a branch, so I order my items and have them couriered to me. I am however, able to find out about new products online and also in their magazines, which I love reading.

IMG_5969 (2)

So about that healthy eating?

Who am I kidding? I dived into everything at once. It was like a mad hatters tea party for one on my front lawn!

That fact that some of the products were described as “banting friendly”, was an excuse I used to go full foodie throttle. And I am glad I did. I snacked on my rusks for days! So many seeds, so much yumminess!

I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the Banting Jam though. Then again, I have never been a fan of jam anyway, as I said earlier, totally a personal preference of my own, not reflective on the brand itself.

And since I have become such a tea die-hard of late, the Raspberry Tea was the perfect addition to my collection. Also its great for ladies who are breastfeeding, so it worked out perfectly as my god sister the Durban Doula so happens to be.


What goes best with rusks? Hot chocolate of course? At least that’s exactly what I told myself, so I could open my hot chocolate as well, and have an excuse to drink several more cups through out the day.

Do you blame me? Look at it. And let me tell you, its super smooth hot chocolate. In fact it was one of the first things anyone who tasted it mentioned to me. It has a silky texture to it and it’s divine. It was also my first Wellness Warehouse treat to get finished. Roflol.

Snapseed (1)

Now not only did my belly get a treat, but my skin too. With products and testers from the folks at Simply Bee. My body is strange, some bee products I have an allergic reaction too, especially if I actually get stung, and then some products, my body doesn’t seem to mind? Odd right?

So trying out the testers below was quite the interesting experience.

I am pleased to say that I really liked the Simply Bee lip-balm. It helped with my dry summer lips quite efficiently.

I also got a chance to use the antiseptic balm a few days ago, after falling and cutting my knees. Not fun, but glad I had the ointment on hand. I will always keep a stock of it in the house.

And of course the body wash and lotion smell lovely. Really like the lotion, and will be buying more next month. It’s quite thick, but strangely enough, applies very easily, soaks up quickly and doesn’t make you feel sticky. This is important for someone like me, who sweats at the drop of the sun rising.

IMG_6119 (2)

So what is my final verdict? Well I love the folks at Wellness Warehouse, and I cant wait for them to open a branch closer to me.

I think the entire encouragement to eat better, use more sustainable skin products etc is a drive that more brands should be taking example from.

Now, what to order next……………………

You can find Wellness Warehouse on all the social media, by that I mean, twitter, facebook and instagram.

Their super hashtag is #LiveLifeWell and you can find me talking about some of the products on #CeeSummerLoves17. 

Be sure to follow them on their profiles at @wellnesswarehouse and myself at @ceecestravel.

And As Always…..



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