Umhlanga Arch Launch

*All images below are of the Umhlanga Arch*

I get why the launch was held at the prestigious Oyster Box Hotel. Once I had seen the concept of the design, the exclusivity of the property and the clientele in which the landlords intended to draw in, there really was nowhere else to host such an event.

The event being the official launch of the Umhlanga Arch. Walking into a room is always an interesting procedure. You never know who your eyes will land on first, or why they did. Not until they focus and only sometimes the reason is revealed. I walked in, looked to the right, scanned the room, acknowledged the live band an…..wait what?!

That’s pretty much how the conversation in my head went when I whipped my head back so fast to the right, I was shocked the sudden twist of the “steering wheel” hadn’t flipped the body. On stage, the live band my brain so quickly acknowledged were my friends, Freddy and Bradley. Also known as Freddy and Bradley from The Subway Run. Fred is on The Voice at the moment too, so that may ring a bell.

Alas none the less, there they were, doing what they do best, play. It’s always a pleasure listening to the members of The Subway Run play, they’re all so talented in their own ways, being able to sing and play multiple instruments. Music is so vital to life and growth. Music can tell so many stories, it can comfort soles, it can celebrate life and it can send it off. Music is vital in our world.

So I was glad that the evenings entertainment were none other than The Subway Run.

Walking a few steps into the actual venue instead of standing at the entrance like a lost child, I noticed the room was white in decor, I’m not sure if the mirror ceilings amplified this, but everything was white linen, white chairs, and touches of wood, and fresh flowers. At each end of the rooms, there were bars made available. A wine bar, a whisky bar, a gin & tonic bar and one bar that I never did get to see.

Waiters were walking around with the most divine finger foods and the vibe was light, airy and sophisticated. It was after all The Oyster Box, I didn’t quite expect Seether to walk in the front door and start Mc’ing the event. However we did have an amazing MC. Matthew Pierce, wow. What a brilliant choice for the evenings activities.

Giggle. I make it sound as though there was an indoor track and a bunch of Yoga balls laying around. No folks, not those types of activities. I mean more like networking, video presentations, and talks from wonderful members of our communities, the groups and architects involved in this project and the virtual reality tours that we had.

8071_7.1_Bedroom_Grey wall8071_1.3_COA Penthouse_TV on8071_2.2_Poolview
Yes, you read that correctly, we were treated to seeing the actual building concept via virtual reality headsets, which gave you a much wider idea and scope of the design and way of living. Much like you see in all the images here.

8071_6.1_Piazza_Red Umbrellas8071_4.2_Overall
You can find all the details and stats in regards to the development by clicking Umhlanga Arch Launch

We were told at one point by one of the speakers that we were standing in a room with property owners as well. That the actual development was almost sold out. And it hasn’t even begun building yet? Now that’s something.

It was also interesting seeing sport legends, Shaun Pollock and John Smit in the room. And of course Darren Maule and I had to get our standard “event selfie” which we have now turned into tradition. One of those, “it didn’t happen if Cee and Darren didn’t selfie it” kinda notions. I even spotted Brad Klynsmith, front man of Gangs of Ballet at the event.

I am interested to watch the progression and the creation of this site coming to life, we as the public have been promised and told a lot about this development, its plans for the future, its plans for the community both inside and outside the property. It would be nice to see it all come together. It would be nice to see it have a real impact and follow through on all the numbers we were given on the evening. So beware, Umhlanga Arch, I’ve got my eye on you.

A huge thank you again to our brilliant hosts at Rain Marketing, the wonderful speakers, the amazing staff on duty and of course, all the people who made it a stunning night.


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