Splashy Fen 2017 – 1 Month Countdown

The time has arrived. 

Splashyfen 2017 has arrived. Yes, that Splashyfen. The Splashyfen that I have been talking about for literally just over a year! If you trace my tweets back to 2016, I’ve literally been waiting for Splashyfen 2017, since the day I left Splashy 2016. I’m a bit of a fan, and why shouldn’t I be?

Each year, Splashyfen grows from strength to strength. This year is already breaking boundaries on various levels. Amazing new acts,  our favorite acts from last year and even something about a Treehouse Stage. I kid you not. Time to practice my SplashyStretch.

Now, I’ve already told you all about Splashy’s new management, its vision for future festivals and how amazing last years event was. I have also been chatting to you all on social media, about having to possible wear a Duc Suit and the possibility of me fainting when I get to listen, watch and sing along to The Temper Trap live. Who doesn’t get goosebumps when they listen to Sweet Deposition? Xavier Rudd made me cry in 2016, I figure fainting is the next step up? Giggle*

Coming back to the Duc Suit mention, quickly. This year will see the launch of the Splashyfen Splashion Show! I forsee a few Borat outfits in the future (its a family festival kids), the best part? Not only do we get to dress up in absolutely crazy, funky, funny, outfits, but you could win tickets to the SEYCHELLES for doing so!!!!

So what more could we possible want? Well to further conservation efforts and take care of the land that we all utilize in the Underberg. Splashyfen have created the Splashy App. A word with Stu Berry about the app informed us of the following:

“The App will replace a printed program on site to save costs and save on paper waste.

It will provide info for all stage lineups, site map, photo and video uploads from social media etc, as well as provide a portal for push notifications during the festival” – Stu Berry

Oh and if you think that’s savy, he also said this:

“Tickets bought via the App will cost R720 and not R765 as a reward to people for downloading the App.” – Stu Berry

So if you haven’t got your tickets yet?

After the resounding success that was Splashy 2016, I look forward to seeing all the amazing acts on stage, not only the international headliners, but the absolute raw talent that we have in South African artists. I will never stop being amazed at the gifted artists we have in this country. And I will never stop being amazed at the fighting spirit they have to take their dreams further.

On that note, I do ask everyone who is considering going to Splashyfen2017 this year, to go! Make that decision, and go and support our local acts. Something that the South African market battles with, is people turning up at venues, people supporting own artists. Let’s start changing that mindset this year. 

Splashyfen is about the people. It’s about the friends, the families, the music, the culture of sorts. Its about the journey, where people come from, where people go after the festival. And its available and open to everyone, you can be 3 years old or you can be 300, Splashyfen is the festival for you.

How? Well because Splashyfen loves us THAT much, they have made it really easy for us, to get up off the couch, and into our tents.

Currently there are three amazing deals going down! One we have already mentioned (Yay for Apps). The second is the current #ImGoingToSplashy2017 competition happening as we speak. Stand a chance to win tickets to splashy, by showing Splashy your creative photos! More info can be found on their Facebook Page.

And the third way of attending this brilliant festival is by getting a group of your friends together and creating memories. Seriously, the Group Special is awesome! Plus its just the right number of people for a car share, soooooooo………….

So I don’t know about you, but I am pulling my sleeping bag out of the cupboard, there are 26 days to go until the ONE event you do not want to miss in 2017 in South Africa.

And I need to find a Duc Suit somewhere…..

Now as some of you may know, I have been running a pretty awesome social media campaign called #CeeSummerLoves17.

I have been taking you all along on my Summer adventures, be it work or play, you’ve been finding out all about my favorite summer loves, and Adventures.

And yes, I know Summer technically ends on the 20th March when Autumn starts (I know this because my Birthday is on the 20th March). However, I will be taking the #CeeSummerLoves17 tag with me to Splashyfen 2017! So be sure to go follow me on TWITTER at @CeecesTravel 

More info can be found at www.splashyfen.co.za Please follow Splashyfen on their Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram for more updates! And download that sexy app!

And As Always…..





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