Splashyfen South Africa 2017

Splashyfen has done it again. The team from Impi Concepts, headed by Stu Berry have officially brought Splashyfen back.

Last year we talked about The Revival, this year we’re talking about the festival we all know and love. I think the method in the madness here, is to keep it simple.

The Venue

This years layout, was much the same as last’s. Personally I couldn’t be more happy, it meant that festival attendees didn’t have to spend forty minutes trying to find their camps or their favorite stages etc.

Additional artwork like in the below image, and a few less vendors, made the festival site feel somewhat larger and more open to move around in. No one felt crowded or overwhelmed. I was glad to see that while some vendors were not there this year, the ones who were, had been selected perfectly for the festival. *And that the noodle place was still there*.

IMG_3062There was one exception in the fact, that this year saw the addition of a Treehouse Stage. A beautifully crafted area, from the books hanging from the tree’s, to the evening lightning on stage. Every time you walked in, it felt like you’d slipped into a Tolkien story.

IMG_2434Not just a stage but also an area,where one could do YOGA every morning, or learn to play the Didgeridoo.

IMG_2504A great and welcome addition. I will most surely be spending more time in what one would call the “enchanted forest” that surrounded the Treehouse stage. It’s also where I turned around and Michael Franti was suddenly staring down at me,saying “Hey, I know you, you’re Cee”. Yes,I had a starstruck moment and just kind of said, yes and then gave him a huge hug.

The Music

And Michael did not disappoint on stage either, he was one of my favorite acts at this years Splashyfen and I do hope to see him again next year! It’s not everyday, Michael gets on stage and someone proposes to their girlfriend, you know.

IMG_2708Speaking of International acts, The Temper Trap were at Splashy too. I have 2 of their albums and I like their music. They’re a talented group of musicians, no argument there. However. I have to admit I wasn’t very impressed with their performance at Splashy this year. I don’t know why exactly and maybe I’m the only one who feels this way.

IMG_2991I did enjoy watching our South African artists and bands, blow people away. though.

There were bands on some of the stages that I have heard about for years but never watched live. There were bands that friends of mine played in. And from left to right and right to left, our South African act’s absolutely DOMINATED this years festival. 

December Streets, The Kiffness, Veranda Panda, J.Loops, what what what what??!!! Oh and the best South African act this year in my eyes? Hands down SpringBok Nude Girls. I don’t know what kind of voice training Arno does, but the man, managed encore, after encore, after encore, because well, they’re awesome!

IMG_3221IMG_2950IMG_2712Gus Brown Band as usual were amazing, having Nibs Van Der Spy open main stage was a brilliant choice,and a reminder that SA produces some of the most internationally recognized talents in the world.

IMG_2979The Subway Run did Durban proud, as vocalist, Voice SA contestant and new father Freddy led the band into the night on the Acoustics stage. To say that the band was almost “not allowed” off the stage is an understatement.

I think Splashyfenners would have sat up till Dawn if Freddy, Bradley and Michael just kept playing. They’re special, they’re a really special band, who are going to take this world by storm, mark my words. By the way Freddy also killed it on stage with The Paroltones!

18156984_1459090334112523_8579148218086455505_nAnd what is a “splashy”fen without a “Rubber Duc“?

I am now at that point where I can almost sing every song off their latest album,word for word. Who doesn’t love these guys? Seriously? who?! Beware the Duc Army!

There is not only amazing talent and passion between these guys, but a brotherhood. A sense of being and belonging. They’re content and you can feel it on and off stage. That is their secret weapon. These guys make a note of being happy, living life, encouraging others. It’s the good vibrations and all that come with it. And I love it.

duvThe People

Great music, great food, great layout,but what is Splashyfen really about? It’s about the people. The people are what and who make what Splashyfen stands for. And I am glad and proud to report that this year, was even better than last.

I saw kids running around splashy and legends on stage at splashy. Every age group, race, religion every HUMAN BEING was represented and at Splashyfen 2017. That my friends is a beauty on its own.  It seems to me the splashyfenners get friendlier every year. And that is what keeps drawing me back.
You can have the hottest acts in town, you can have the most popular craft beers and food stalls, you can even have the best location in Africa. I will tell you this though, if the people don’t gel and the atmosphere aint great, I aint coming back.

It’s that simple. And Splashy you have the people, you have the right people. And I’ll be back next year! Well everyone can be back next year. Tickets may not be on sale yet, but the event is on Facebook, be sure to let the team know you’re coming.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this years amazing event. Another success in my book. From the production and stage crews, to the media and photography team, and the guys who looked after us during the festival, fire services, water services, doctors and ER on site. You’re all what make Splashy what it is.  See you next year….and the year after…and the year after that…and….

*All the amazing images above provided by the Splashyfen Photography Crew*
*Al Nicoll, James Carins, Jordan Milton, Abi Nelson, Theresa Brown, & Mike Forbes. 

You can keep up to date with my latest travels on twitter, instagram and facebook page at @CeecesTravel

And As Always…..

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