Goodbye Chester Bennington – My Linkin Park Love.

I dont usually acknowledge celebrity deaths or comment on them, but I bet there are many of us who woke up this morning (or 2am like me), and felt like we’d lost a friend when we read that Chester, The lead singer of Linkin Park, has passed away at the Age of 41 by apparent suicide.
I believe music is a beautiful gift given to humans to explore, create, connect with and express with. And that is exactly what the music and sounds of Linkin Park meant to me most of my childhood. I can attach a song to many of my situations or emotions, growing pains or memories. Friend making, relationships ending, depression, my own suicidal experiences, people passing, memories being made. Rocking out, air guitar and all and also passing out, physically exhausted from crying.
With emotions already “at an all time, high” this was NOT the perfect time for Chester to say goodbye. Yet he did, he felt somehow it was more than he could take anymore and he left this world, and his wife and kids and band members, and if you must fame and fans. Depression is no joke, I have suffered with it and anxiety most of my life. Some people get help, are helped, or dont seek help, or do take their own life.
The worst thing as someone who has been through this and still goes through it daily is when I hear people who have never suffered from it, make the statement ” They’re so selfish for ending it all”. Those that make that statement have no idea how painfully ironic it is. How damaging it is to someone who is actually suffering.
We need to keep reminding ourselves to just be a bit more aware of whats going on around us, look after those we “claim” to love, look after those who do love us, appreciate them, and let them know that you do love them. Remember everything can look PERFECTLY great on the surface but it often never is. The only place things are ever that perfect are on Instagram.

Chester had a unique and stunning voice, he battled cancer, and he spent A LOT of his time investing in working and aiding charities and organizations, to aid against the fight of human trafficking in 3rd world countries (which means a lot to me). It’s pretty shit that he is gone, but we dont and cant know his reasons, in truth we only know the artist, the singer, the celeb.
Those he left behind will know how loved he was and that they’re in our thoughts too. Goodbye Chester, thanks for everything!
*That fan you never knew, but helped so much*

And As Always…. 



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