There’s a Mouse In The House!

There’s a mouse in the house. And that’s perfectly okay. We like this mouse. This mouse has grown with the family. It seems to pull new and more amazing tricks out of the hat every season and makes the best meals in the Midlands.

That’s right, I am talking about Granny Mouse, Country House & Spa. There is no need for my declaration of love for this hotel and family, as my avid readers already know by now, I LOVE this hidden gem in the Midlands Meander.

In my opinion, Gandalf should be stationed at the entrance to Balgowen, and consistently repeat a ” Thou shall not pass, the midlands without stopping at Granny Mouse”. See the “remix example below”. (Youtube is a wonderful place).

We were invited up to the mouse house a few weeks ago, to try the Granny Mouse Pop Up Kitchen, which was hosted under the stars. Quite literally we were seated and dined, under the stars near the Granny Mouse Chapel. The tables were beautifully lit and the ambiance second to none.

Granny Mouse will never fail to amaze me. They may not be in the center of the city or in the hustle and bustle of life, yet they seem to be the ones on top of the food innovation scenes.

Our menu was first class and my taste buds were blown away during the evening. Before we even started our main meal, we were treated to a selection of starts, in front off hot wood fires in the lounge, where we all had a chance to catch up and experience what Granny Mouse is most famous for, its atmosphere, its welcoming and open space.


Are you drooling? You should be. It was dam delicious if I do say so myself. In all honesty I think and know the best thing about Granny Mouse is their team, their family. Their open platform for creation and innovation lead to some amazing results and open up cuisine spaces that no one else had yet ventured into.

A leading group in all things, food and comfort. What’s better than sitting by hot wood fires in the evenings, while the cool winds of Winter pass through the pine needle trees? It’s an escape from an escape and I hope that it stays that way.

And of course, when at Granny Mouse, one has to take a #GMSelfie for record purposes 🙂
Along with walking around the stunning property, exploring, taking photos and catching up with friends and acquaintances alike, we were treated to a night in a Granny Mouse suite. We all know how grand their suites are, upon check out I dont think anyone wanted to leave.

And when we did, the lovely family that is Granny Mouse, even gifted us with a bottle of wine to take home as a memory from our visit. Our night under the stars!

Thank you again, Granny Mouse. You know you always have my heart and my love. You’re an amazing hidden gem in the heart of the midlands meander that every South African should venture to at least once. I’ll be seeing you in the Summer of 2018.

*All Photography by Al Nicoll Photography*

And As Always……




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