Does It Comes In Glass?

That’s the question that is on the tip of my tongue, a question that is becoming more and more likely to be heard in eateries, home decor expo’s and bars around South Africa.

Although we are aware that glass is far better for our environment than plastic and its counter parts, people are still not making a concerted enough effort to make the swap. Ask for glass, refuse plastic. In most cases, the soda pop you want or the plant holder you like, comes in a glass variant.

pexels-photo-185499I declare my undying love for this Glass Only innovative, with full knowledge that it is a step towards not only protecting the future of this planet, but hopefully also off setting all the terrible choices we have made before, we had the education on Glass Recycling.

Working in the industry I do, I have ample more opportunity to make mention and to be aware of choice in regards to recycling, trash and glass use than the average Joe. Which means it is also my responsibility to make and educate others around me about those choices.

For example having worked previously in Hospitality Management and Event Management for almost 10 years of my life, I know the “after” effect’s of hosting an event, be it a wedding or a music festival. I know what generally happens in kitchens at the end of your shift or the close of restaurant. Paper straw covers, and plastic straws alike are used and thrown away by the thousands on an average day or week depending on establishment.

Restaurants are actually one of the industries that have THE MOST power to make a HUGE difference, to put a very REAL notch in the bar of change. And while I am seeing this trend in some of the newer eateries, the “hipster” joints, it’s a change that the main retail chains should be making too. Every time I see someone being served a coke or a drink in a glass, a little smile spreads across my face. #CansMustFall! If I never see a waiter and his colleagues playing FIFA League again with cans and dustbins, it wont be soon enough. Have a #Heart4Glass.

trinkglas-summer-color-straw-points-161012I am going to be calling on my favorite local eateries in the month of August and encouraging them to make the change. Encouraging them to make a change or share their efforts.

Speaking of drinks in glass, I recently, was introduced to a brand who is taking this change one step further. The folks at Cape Cola based in Capetown South Africa. Are not only producing their own Cola, but Cola that is Local.Fair.Natural.Vegan. And may I mention SERIOUSLY low on Sugar. Cape Cola as a brand is both entrepreneurial but more importantly they are using their brand to work with the Thundafund.

aaaaaSo how does one Recycle Glass? There are plenty of people who would love to recycle their glass but the information isn’t always the easiest to find or locate. So let’s talk about The Glass Recycling Company. Celebrating 11 years of Glass Recycling success in our country, that by the way is more than a DECADE of dedicated work towards glass recycling in our homeland.

Can you imagine if from this month forth, you made an active stance against using anything BUT glass where possible, for the rest of your life. Now imagine if everyone on this planet, had the option to do that. By the way, TGRC is funded exactly that way. By individuals and brands saying and committing to making that change. Whether it is packing or manufacturing their products using glass only, they have said YES.

Some of those names you may recognize are Nampak Glass, Aspen Pharmacy, KWV and Consol Glass.

nampakSo how easy is it for me to drop off my glass? Well if you’ve never heard about a Glass Bank, now you have. Glass banks are available ALL over South Africa. And no I don’t mean ALL over South Africa, like only Johannesburg and Capetown. I mean ALL OVER our country. Heck there are TWO drop off points in my neighborhood alone. Speaking of my home province, for those people in Durban that think the drive from Toti to Pinetown is like Bilbo Baggin’s mission to return the one ring, let me calm your mind and mention that you too have a glass bank.

And if you’d like to support a smaller or private company I suggest you look into these options as well. Schools often are in need of items to recycle or have recycling plans.

Charities always appreciate recyclable products that they can either use or recycle. For instance for the month of August I will be using WOWIE Recycling to collect my glass at the end of the month. Wowie Recycling not only recycle glass, but also plastic, cardboard and paper.  The owner of Wowie Recycling – Howie has told us the following:

“I’ve just recently started a team leader program for the 3 of my employees. Each of them will have a turn each month to be the team leader. These guys understand the work, but have very little knowledge of what it is to lead a team. They come from very disadvantaged communities so this program will take time, commitment and patience, but for those who are determined to grow and learn I’m excited to empower them for now and the future. I will work closely with them, guiding, coaching and mentoring as needed.”

IMG_1123There is work to be done, as a human, I understand this, but there are way’s that we can do that and by looking and chatting to business owners, general citizens and friends alike, we can expand Glass Recycling to more than just the actual process of recycling a glass bottle. If you must there are “Pay it Forward” opportunities to this project, all while trying to repair some of the damage we have done to our planet already.

Local Doula @DurbanDoula has also suggested that, next time you buy your favorite beauty product, or Bloggers, next time you agree to review or be sent a product, ask or request that it comes in Glass.

bloggerWe can all make a difference by just asking, inquiring, requesting.

So for the month of August 2017 I will be heavily focusing on Glass Recycling and encouraging all my friends, colleagues, readers etc to do the same. I want to see your photo’s your changes, your recycling bins. Let’s talk! Follow the Hashtags #GlassRecycling #TGRC #CeeRecycles.

I also challenge the follow brands and people to take part in being Recycling Aware this month:

9th Avenue Bistro
My Neighbors
Jozi Food Whore
The Gourmet Bushie
Punk Rock Dawwg
Darren Maule
The Circle Durban
Durban Tourism
Social Fire ZA
Forti Grill & Bar
Butcher Block – Florida Road 
Fairmont Zimbali 
Rain Africa 

And if you’re already recycle your glass and have a glass initiative going, at home or in your brand/company, PLEASE let me know what it is and share photo’s using the above hashtags! (#CeeRecycles #TGRC #GlassRecycling).

I will be sharing photo’s and information on Glass Recycling all month on both Twitter and my Facebook Page so please make sure, you’re following both these accounts.

And As Always….. I can’t wait to see what differences we have made at the end of August 2017.


And As Always…..




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