Classic Smoothing Facials with La Vita Spa.

Let’s talk about my face.

A few months ago, a friend and I attended an event hosted by La Vita Spa’s and First Group Hotel Management. The event was hosted at The Breakers Resort and it was a huge hit! What an amazing and fun filled evening!

Anyway, being me, and my love of social media I happened to win some extra vouchers on the evening for being one of the 3 most active social media users during the event (bonus). Having a keen interest in this hotel group and their affilities I was more than excited. However life tends to happen and I haven’t been able to use the voucher until recently.

Arriving at the breakers was once again a pleasant experience once inside. The establishment is so immaculately  kept and the staff on site are always friendly and focused on you as the client. Parking was a bit of an issue, the space allocated in front seems to be too small for the size of the hotel, but I do think the parking we found was only the parking for day visitors. At least I hope it was.

20170810_102609 (1) (1)
Upon entering the Spa, we were asked to fill out the usual forms and our vouchers were typed into the system, with smiles and efficiency. Within moments after that (even though we were a little early), we were lead down the passage to a changing room, equipped with lockers, toilet and shower.

Stripping down to our tata’s and wrapping ourselves in comfy robes, we were then lead to the treatment room. The room itself was highlighted in a soft orange and white glow. White roses lay on the pillows and foot ends of the massage beds. The wall against the back of the room was done in a cobbled stone effect and a soft warm light bounced off of it. In the corner of the room were speaker of which very tranquil and moody music played out of, during the duration of our experience.

20170810_102541 (1)

I was already relaxed, all I needed was a incense burner filled with lavender  or lemon oil and that would have been me for the day.

Both our therapists Yajna & Cynthia were very friendly and checked throughout the treatments if we were okay, if we were thirsty, if the massage pressure was okay, it was really great of them. My facial had a neck massage included in the treatment which was wonderful as I could feel all the tension and knots in my neck and upper shoulders (Luckily I have a full body massage voucher for next time).

The one part of the treatment which I didn’t find enjoyable was when hot air was blown onto my face. I could feel the reaction it had on the cream on my skin, while it was being massaged but, the feeling of hot air on my face, just isn’t my cup of tea. I am somewhat claustrophobic for one and secondly we just couldn’t seem to find a position on my face that felt comfortable. In the end I ended up breathing hot air up my nose.

Inside my head I was wondering how on earth Vaginal steaming has become as big as it has, if I cant even stand it on my face.

Are You Not Entertained.gif
I did take notice and enjoy the warm pads that were used to clear away each treatment, they felt amazing on my skin. My favorite part of the treatment was a thick creamy mask that was applied near the end of our treatment. Not only did I like the look of the mask on my face lol, but I loved how my skin looked after it was removed. I battle with my skin, as it is very oily (and I sweat a lot) but then it also looks dry if I don’t put moisturizer on, which I cant often do, due to the fact that it makes me sweat. So seeing my face looking clear and neither dry nor oily was quite enjoyable.

Just as our treatments were coming to an end, we were given complimentary massages, I was given a head massage. “It’s like they knew” and my friend was given a complimentary foot massage “Again, considering our lifestyles and jobs, its like they knew”. I really enjoyed the head massage I was given, it was MUCH needed as a struggle with anxiety and tension headaches quiet often.

Leaving our treatment room, floating on air towards the relaxation lounge, we made ourselves some tea and coffee. There was flavored water and cocktail (white wine available) options available. Along with delicious rusks, olives and gherkins. The lounge is done in light natural colors, blues and olive greens, and there are lounger chairs for you to relax and read a magazine on.

Eventually though it was time to head home, changing again and giving the Spa and experience 4* I left quite the happy lady. One mention I must make is that by the late afternoon (our appointment had started at 09h00) my skin had started “glowing” again, the evident shine. This may just be because my face isn’t used to facials, but I was a little sad that so soon after it looked as if I handt even had the treatment as much as it was enjoyed.

A huge thanks to our therapists and to La Vita Spa’s, for taking such good care of us. I can’t wait till I can come for my half day spa experience with you.

And As Always…..



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