Blog Exposure Series: Evan Hilton – Photographer & Traveler.


Meet Evan Hilton,

Evan caught my eye on Twitter a few weeks ago, when he shared an amazing photo of a wave in the ocean. Obviously I sought out his profile to see if I could find any more amazing work by the artist.

And that’s exactly what did find, both on Twitter and on Instagram, the latter where he shares most of his photographic passion.

evan 1evan 2
Can you see why I was instantly attracted?

If you love travel, photography, or pretty much anything life orientated, then you understand the emotions that Evan’s photography seems to stir.

Evan is based in Jacksonville, Florida and since I cant simply pick up the phone, and call Evan, I popped him an email asking him if he’d talk to us about what he does and why he does it. This is what he had to say:

evan 8
Q.1 Evan, I came across your photography on Twitter, but it seems Instagram is your main platform in sharing your photographic work. Coming myself from the City that raised Jordy Smith and Grant “twiggy” Baker, the surf culture is not lost on me, but your photography seems to give a voice to the ocean. Have you also had a love of the ocean all your life, and which came first, the board or the camera?

Yes I have always had a love for the ocean! My parents used to take me to the beach with my siblings all the time and I gradually developed a growing appreciation for the ocean. A fun fact that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have zero clue how to surf! I’ve always been fascinated by the sport, but never had an interest to learn how to surf. I didn’t know any surfers when I first started photographing surf, and a year later I know about 50 surfers that I’ve photographed through out the Florida area.

evan 5
Q.2 You’re based in Florida, but could you give my readers a bit more information on your latest travel excursions and where you’re hoping to head next. Any chance you may come and visit our coastal shores here in South Africa?

I have multiple surf trips lined up for the fall. I’ll be heading to Nova Scotia, Canada to photograph surfers in the cold waters. After that I’ll be heading to Norway to photograph and shoot video of surf there! I’m sure I’ll end up going to South Africa at some point since it’s such a huge surfing spot!

evan 3
Q.3 On average, how long do you spend in the ocean? Is this an every day thing? Or strictly weekends only? 

It can vary based on swells. During the summer, I’m not in the water a lot since Florida is flat most of the time. However in the fall and winter if there is a good swell I’ll be out in the water every day.

evan 9
Q.4 Let’s be honest, Social media, Instagram and Photography as a mix can be utterly amazing or utterly controversial. There are “insta-famous” people who receive a lot of back lash for their “over” photo shopped images and there are people who get a lot of praise for openly using Photoshop in their editing process. What are your thoughts on editing, and the pro’s and con’s?

I have zero problems with people altering images in Photoshop. Photoshop is meant to be a tool to let your ideas come to life even if they aren’t a reality. Sometime’s the sky won’t be great in a photo being captured and you have to swap out the sky to make it a better image. My philosophy when it comes to Photoshop, is if a person can’t tell the image has been photo-shopped then you have done a good job. The only cons I see with Photoshop is when people use it alter their body like magazine covers. This can portray a negative message to people viewing the images.

evan 11

Q.5 I am SO impressed with the work you did for Delta Airlines, tell me how that came about and how you found the experience. As someone who is travel obsessed and who knows’s that its what she is meant to do with her life, I often find myself not realizing that not everyone knows what they’re meant to do on this planet we share. Do you feel as though you have found and know your calling?

My trip with Delta was fantastic, and  I had a blast meeting up with some old friends in New York City. I have very much have found my calling. I currently have a career in stop-motion animation and founded my own company Hilton Vision LLC (IG: @hiltonic_). It allows me express my mind in bright and colorful ways, while the surf photography shows a little bit more of a darker subdued side. The two really balance each other out.

evan 7
Q.6 If you were forced to watch one the two movies, from start to finish which would it be? Sharkanado or Ghost Shark? 

I’ve yet to see either of those movies, but I would totally see Sharknado! Who doesn’t like cheesy Sci-Fi films?

Q.7 I noticed a lot if not all of your Instagram posts have the tag #SeeYouOutThere…. explain?

It’s a hashtag affiliated with the clothing brand Katin USA who use my work occasionally.

Evan 13
Q.8 Who would run the world better if they took over? Dogs or Cats? And do you have any 4 legged best friends?

Dogs of course! I’m not a cat person. I used to have a yellow lab named Lucy and a Staffordshire Terrier named Scout.

Q.9 If there was one moment you could re-live again, what would it be?

It would be hiking in The Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was so much fun hiking to the top and the views are just breath-taking!

Evan 12

I’d like to take the time to thank Evan Hilton for chatting to us about who he is, what he does and where he is going. Be sure to follow him on both Twitter and Instagram by clicking the highlighted links.

You can also visit Evan’s website, HERE. And Evans business accounts on Instagram HERE & HERE.

If you have any further questions, would like to be featured, or just want to chat about Evans journey, be sure to COMMENT below.

*ALL Photography owned and subjected to copyright of Evan Hilton*

And As Always…..



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