It Comes In Glass 

At the beginning of August I asked you if you recycled your #Glass? In fact I challenged you and several brands to ask the question: Does It Come In Glass? 

I asked everyone to make a conscious decision to choose glass products over any other materials for the month of August and then to further Recycle their glass collections at the end of the month. 

It’s now the end of the month and I am pleased to say that we have had some amazing interaction with this project. 

With the popular #Heart4Glass tag the project reached many people around the world. My own tag #CeeRecycles touched a good 28,708 accounts on Twitter and reached 94,237 impressions globally. If just ONE more person knows about the benefits of glass recycling I’m happy. 

So who came on board? 

Gina and Graham from 9th Avenue Bistro happily showed me their glass recycling efforts. Although great to note that as restaurant owners they actually recycle over 90% of their products! Just look at this graph of their contributions to making this planet greener ♻ 

Gina had the following to tell us about their recycling systems…. 

I have to say to 9th Avenue, I am so impressed and proud of what you’re doing. One of the BIGGEST industries on this planet is the restaurant and hotelier industry, who can make a significant difference to the crisis this planet is in. 
An industry that has an amazing influence on what their customers do or use both at home and when they eat out. Look at the positive effect that has happened already with restaurants saying NO to plastic straws! 

Another company that is making waves are the folks at Cape Cola who I highlighted in my first article. 

Cape Cola are a local, entrepreneurial brand who in their own words are, “A soft, refreshing drink. Locally sourced, ethically provided and made of natural ingredients. It’s their vision to give something back to South Africa’s society, working together with social NGOS spending a certain amount of each bottle sold to projects. I’m air of children and people in need and the environment.” 

I got to try some of their product, and I couldn’t imagine it being any more refreshing in Summer of 2018. Sadly if they dont get the support they need on their Thundafund they won’t be around, so please take 5 minutes to go and support The Cape Cola Thunda Fund. 

So with food and drink covered how else do we recycle? 

Well the folks at Rain_AfricaSA who specialise in beauty and skin care products, jumped on board as well. The beauty platform is yet another large scale global industry. 

Ingrediants for Rain products are ethically sourced. Their products also contain, No Parabens, No Pretroleum Jelly, No Mineral Oil, No Liquid Parafin, No Petrochemicals, No Animal Testing and No Child Labour. 

The latter two which are very important to me. 

They have also promised to protect the environment within their production and wrapping of their products. Using glass, paper and fabric as opposed to plastic where possible. Most of the fabrics are hand woven and made with organic fibers, produced without the use of pesticides and industrial fertilizers. 

Iv never wanted to restock my favorite skin care products so badly! 

A word from the Marketing team at Rain… 

Much love to Juani Walters, Ryan and Yuseif and their  amazing team! #Heart4Glass 

And then there were our own efforts! Bins for various types of rubbish, and recycling. And of course iv saved all my cape cola bottles which I’m going to be cutting in half and growing succulent out of. 

And our landlords are pretty brilliant in their #GlassRecycling efforts too. We literally don’t throw away anything that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled! 

It’s a good feeling knowing that there are ways we can help out own planet! 

While we highlighted this in August it doesn’t mean our efforts stop in August, if anything they should grow and become more integrated! 

We are using Wowie Recycling to recycle our glass but there are also various Glass Banks around south Africa where you can contribute. Simply visit the guys at The Glass Recycling Company, for a list of areas. 

Thank you to everyone who has jumped on board, who has shared, engaged and supported the project! 

And As Always…… 



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