Barraca Restaurant in St.Lucia – #WeDoTourism 

Part of exploring a new area, is most certainly finding the best spots to eat. 

“I can still taste the prawn curry, mainly because we only left there 10 minutes ago.”

As you drive onto the main street in St.Lucia the first sign you see is one warning you to watch out for the hippos. 

And they’re pretty serious about it, as we found out. Laying on the banks in a pod were a huddle(that’s what I’m calling them) of Hippo. It was overcast but these guys were going to find the sun if it took all day. 

We drove around the main circle, over a few speed humps and voila! Food. Food everywhere. 

We choose the Barraca Restaurant and all jumped out of our shuttle, stretching our legs. The drive from Durban was pretty smooth, our driver Siyabonga from Dankiza Tours is such a lovely guy, with enthusiasm and care for his passengers. 

The waitress quickly greeted us with a smile on her face, seated us and even joined two tables together to accomodate our group of 7. 

One thing we all noticed and appreciated when walking in, was their large vegetarian menu. I don’t think I have seen a bigger vegetarian menu in a eatery that’s not strictly vegetarian, so thumbs up for that. 

Food and drink orders were quickly taken. I settled on a Strawberry Smoothie, hoping it wouldn’t be too sweet, after taking about a gazillion photos of it, I found that id made the right choice. 

Hands down the tastiest strawberry smoothie I have had this year. I could actually feel the texture of the strawberry pips. 

Figuring if the smoothie was anything to go off of, lunch was going to be a good one. 

And it was. I don’t often order fish meals when I’m in the City, unless it is Sushi. Then you couldn’t stop me if you tried, but everyone knows that the best fish is found in coastal towns. 

So when I’m either down the South Coast, or up North near the sea, I figure it’s my duty to try. There should be some kind of foodie badge of honor or something. 

Anyway badges aside our food arrived next. Well, at that moment I glanced down congratulating myself on wearing stretchy pants. My prawn curry wasn’t that big in portion, it’s more of a dinner meal than a lunch bite, however when I saw the other meals, I knew I had gotten off easy. 

Some of our groups ordered combos, specifically the Rib and Chicken Combo, which is enough for two. If you’re going to Dinner with your significant other, get romantic and share! 

Speaking of sharing, I wasn’t. Just look at this meal. 

Or what about when I perfectly combined it all? 

It was a quick stop, but a delicious one and I am so glad we found this little treat in the town of St.Lucia. 

We will be heading back on Friday, look out for all my experiences on my Twitter page, Instagram and of course HERE. 

Its find a like these, that we get to see as #WeDoTourism, #IDoTourism and #YouDoTourism🌍

And As Always…. 



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