5 Foods, I’m Obsessed With & A Good Cause. 

We all have our favorite foods, and whether I am on the road or at home, if I’m treating myself, these are my favorite 5. 

*Take Notes* 


Obsessed may be a strong term. What I mean to say is that I will basically eat Brie cheese on any and everything. Cheese on toast? I’ll eat it. Cheese on pasta? I’ll eat it. Cheese on the deck chair, with nothing but a knife? I’m doing it. 

Oh and I’m not bias either, give me Brie, Camembert, Blue cheese, Smoked cheese, Caramel and Pear cheese. And if we are really going to go all out? 

Let’s do high tea at The Oyster Box in Durban, South Africa. You can have the sweets; chocolates and cake section, while I’ll occupy myself around the cheese, fig preserves, salmon and savory side of the table.

It’s no coinsidance that Cee and Cheese both start with C.


Aah the forever Sushi debate. I know this food choice isn’t for everyone. 

From what I can tell it’s mainly a texture issue. Some people imagine the texture in their head to be slimy or scale like. Let me tell you, it’s not. 

It’s a difficult one to explain but at least half the people I have got to try a piece, have been totally surprised. If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and do. If it’s still not to you liking? More for me. 

Seriously. There is no such thing as Sushi Waste around Cee. I have become more adventurous of late, surprising myself by stepping out on the menues a bit more. 

Many people order sushi as a starter? I have no idea why you would want to ruin the devine taste and experience of Sushi with an “after meal” and I’m not sure you can sit with us, but I order it as a main. 

And lots of it. I often choose the salmon options where viable. And of course Rainbow rolls, Californian rolls, Sushami and Hand rolls are my favorite. 

My favorite place to go and Sushi in Durban is The Bamboo Sushi Lounge in Durban North, and I have discovered a placed called C-Bali down the South Coast which makes amazing Sushi innovations. 


This is NOT a shout out the millenials. This is a childhood memory of my dad being home on a weekend. Which was a rare occasion for him. 

We would watch the Grand Prix early in the morning, dad would talk to me about Ralf & Michael Schumacher, and David Coulthard and a few of his other favorites, while standing in the kitchen making us some Avo sandwichs. 

My mom liked to sleep in, so this was one of our dad, daughter moments without any family drama or fights attached to it. 
Early on, dad taught me the best way to make an Avo sarmie. 

  • Mash the Avo in a bowl or cup. 
  • If possible add a squeeze of real Lemon or cold lemon juice. 
  • Black ground pepper after that. 
  • Toped off with a few healthy doses of original Tabasco sauce. 

And that my friends was how you made the Martens Family Avo Sarmie. 

I also tend to love Avo on everything. Maybe that’s a bit millenial. Put it on my pizza, on my sushi, on my pasta, and even my chicken ceaser salad. 


This is not a drill. Ask anyone who knows me. Chicken is life. 

Okay, I’m not a big meat eater, if red meat were to vanish from earth and we only had fish and chicken to live on. I wouldn’t even notice. 

If we go out to dinner, and everyone’s ordering steak, ribs, wors. I’m just in the corner like:

“What chicken options do you have?”. 

I kid you not. When I was a pre teen I was a vegetarian (who ate fish) for just over a year. I loved it and I would love to go back to being one. 

It’s more about the affects of the meat industry on our planet than anything else, but also as I am getting older the treatment of animals is getting more real. And I hate that I am a part of that. 

The only thing holding me back? Chicken! 

Grilled chicken, Spicy chicken, Chicken A La King, Chicken everything. 

So if you’re trying to woo me over a business deal, make sure we’re somewhere with amazing chicken on the menu.

50% Cheesecake 50% Lemon Meringue 

You’ll notice none of the above items were sweet in taste. I grew up lactose in-tolerant most of my life, and so chocolates and sweet desserts were just not a part of my world. 

Granted I do have a few favorites, all from my mom’s, mom recipe book. My gran Pinkie. 

Take full note that my mom no.2 is 76 years of age now and her mother lived through an era of using horse and carriages to seeing the first man on the moon. 

Her Peppermint Tart which one of my estranged sisters makes very well. 

Her Ginger Tart with freshly whipped cream? Which my mom made very well. 

And the tip of the cake, her famous REAL Lemon Meringue. 

I am a lemon meringue addict and critic. No one makes what I term “real” lemon meringue anymore. 

These days its all sweet and the ingrediants aren’t fresh or the recipes been mixed with lemon tart and in the end it’s anything but lemon meringue. 

Lemon meringue needs to have the sharp taste of real lemon rind. The meringue needs to fluffy and brown on top, from minutes of arm labour, and oven time guessing. 

This is why I say it’s a 50/50 between that and Cheesecake. 

And you know who makes them both brilliantly? Chateau Gateaux in the Pavilion of course! 

I love Cheesecake. Although these days the lines between fridge cheesecake and oven cheesecake are so blurred, I’m sure Robyn Thicke had something to do with the down fall. 

I just don’t know which is better. I guess the only thing to do, is have both? 

What are some of your favorite foods? Leave me a note in the comments, and if you enjoyed this, please share and tag me.

On a more serious note: 

Food. Isnt it a lovely thing. We often take it for granted, the ease of access we have to it. At one point in my past my family and I were so poor and broke that we ate twice a week if we were lucky and it was from donations. 

Packets of soy and things that fed us but weren’t exactly nutrientally the best. Most of the time we didn’t have the electricity to heat it, or had to choose between heating it on a fire or gas bottle or having the oil for candles in the evenings. 

Often my mom and I would go and beg in the parking lot of Spar in Bothas Hill for money for food. People would give the odd rand or 50cents here and there. My mom was already quite old and should have never been in that situation as it is, but often we’d make enough for half loaf and the manager would throw in the extra bits for a full loaf. 

There were many things we had to choose between in those days, as isolated as we were. 

I’ll never forget that, and thus never forget to appreciate the value of food and the tragedy of food waste! 

Where you can, recycle, reuse and be conscious about your portions. Whether it’s meal items or even just condiments. Tomato sauce, vinegar etc. Use them wisely. Teach your friends, family and collegues to do the same. 

And if you ever want to donate and give to those who are in need of food. 

Feel welcome to donate to: Heavens Kitchen managed by Kayleigh at www. heavenskitchen3610.co.za 

Come find me on all my travel and food adventures via my Twitter page. By clicking THIS link. 

And As Always…. 



*This is NOT a sponsored post* 

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