I’m Moving……… 

The end of an era?

    Not quite, more like upgrading after you’ve invested in your first home. You’ve grown, your house value has increased and you’ve managed to do something with the garden.

    Whether you’re ready to take on a slightly bigger property or not, is not really a question, or a choice.

    You’ve no space left in the bedrooms, you need a bigger car because you’re transporting more things, or people and at the end of the day, it’s just time to move.

    And that’s where I am. 

    Okay so the “house” value might not be so great, the gardens actually a bit of a mess….again. However, it’s still an exciting time in my life. Despite the stress that comes with it all, there is also a newness.

    A pat on the back, for getting to this point. 

    So, what happens to all the things in the house (on this site)?

    Well, I’ll take some of it with me. The rest I’ll leave in storage (here). Call it spring cleaning, creating space for all the new stuff. For the simpler stuff.

    The new place (the new site) is going to have new furnishings and decor (branding) but this place, will stay the same.

    It’ll keep all the memories, all the past adventures and a reflection of growth, and the growing pains.

    I can’t wait to have my house *site* warming and welcome you all.

    Thank you to all of you who have been here since day one, which ironically was also in November, some years ago. You’ve been through some interesting times with me, havent you?

    I hope you do come move over with me! Be sure to subscribe not just view, and comment, I like hearing your thoughts!

    Alot of work goes into what I do, far more than most people, respect, understand or appreciate. Just know that comments and engagement are lovely for the writer to see and read.

    Being able to talk to you about my life, my travels, my tours, my business, my feelings, my good days and my not so good days. It all makes my world that much brighter.

    I get to express all my creative sides, my business knowledge, my personal growth and even my relationships with clients. With you. That’s important to me.

    So come and join me……. at Ceeces Travel.

    And on my social media platforms, in order of most active:

    • Twitter – @ceecestravel
    • Instagram – @ceecestravel
    • Facebook Page – @ceecestravel
    • LinkedIn – @ceecestravel
    • Pinterest – @ceecestravel

      Ps. In case you missed it, I’m moving websites, not homes 😊

      And As Always….. 



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