Work with Cee

Work With Cee!

024_Selborne Golf Estate And Hotel Spa_AL NICOLL

That’s right! I want to work with you!

Let’s band together and create something amazing! I love showcasing the world of Travel, Tourism and Adventure to my readers and followers!

Who is Cee?

Cee is a digital and social media boffin! Twitter is my name and adventure is my game! I love working with brands who are into living life.

Let’s go snow boarding, mountain hiking, drag racing, or dancing under the moon! I love reviewing hotels, guest houses and restaurants!

029_Granny Mouse_Al Nicoll
Hanging out with the family at Granny Mouse, Country House & Spa!

I love attending and telling my followers all about the latest events, be it in South Africa or abroad, any reason to Travel and Explore and Cee will be there, with feathers in her hair! I quite enjoyed the Cocktail Launch at the Fairmont Zimbali Resort! And of course hanging back stage at Splashyfen 2016, South Africa’s biggest and oldest running Music Festival!

251_Splashy_Fen_2016_ AL_Nicoll
Pineapple Pants with Jules from Goodluck

 I love testing products,clothing and gadgets. Always available to talk about Brand Ambassadorships!

We are always available for blogger or media trips around the country or around the world. Let us put together a campaign for you and bring your brand and business to light on social media.

0168_Durban Boat Show 2016_Al Nicoll
Living a little luxury at the Durban Boat & Lifestyle Show

Social Media
I am CeecesTravel 

Fullscreen capture 20160725 070240 PM.bmp

With a current monthly impression on twitter alone of 414.000k it would be silly not to work with Cee.

So click ceeces-travel-january-2017 to see some of the international and local brands  I have already worked with and contact me asap! Let’s get working!

Oh and I am also a Affiliate. So if you’re thinking of booking a trip, simply click HERE to help fund Ceeces Travel and her crazy adventures.

As Always……
All Images by Ceeces Travel & Weaver-Bird Communications(PTYLtd. Business partner Al Nicoll Photography

23 Replies to “Work with Cee”

    1. Hey Guys!

      Thank you so much, its REALLY appreciated! Followed you back 🙂
      I am busy looking over your page at the moment and I have so many questions lol. Will email you as soon as I get a second 🙂
      Have a WONDERFUL DAY. Today we are blessed in my home city of Durban in South Africa. As I have woken to Blue Clear Skies, Warm Sunlight, and everything is seriously green and clean, for the Thunderstorm last night 🙂



  1. One foot in front of the other – great plan! Saw you on AdvTravelChat and thought I’d say hi, & look forward to seeing more of your blog. Be happy to see you over at if you get the chance, happy travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jules. Thank you so much for the kind words. Always encouraging an motivating to receive such feedback from my readers.

      I am afraid you have be beat. I am on your Blog page as we speak. There seems to be an unfair amount of delicious looking food about the place. Lol 🙂

      One foot in front of the other is basically how I have gotten when I am in life and actually gotten this far in life. So I am paying attention to where it takes me next.

      Thank you tracking me down from the #AdventureTravelChat and following me on both my Blog page and my Twitter Account which is where I am most active.

      I look forward to discovering your page and account, and as always,………


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi. Thanks so much for the message.

      There is quite a lot of various content on my site so please be sure to use the drop down links to navigate between everything 🙂

      Welcome on board, don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated!

      Love you site too!


    1. Hi.

      Thank you so much, that is so appreciated! 🙂

      I love that you’re having a good read and great to connect on Twitter. Its my favorite place to be online.

      I cant wait to do some more exploring on your page 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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