Your Marketing Campaign, Makes My Skin Crawl. 

Boom! There it is. Not everything is wonderful or well done. And sometimes, well sometimes I’m forced to write about it.
The Situation: 

Imagine sitting at your work desk. You’ve got your favorite radio station playing in  the back round, you’re a creative durh! Who doesn’t work without music?

Anyway, there you are, a quick ad or two starts playing, and then you hear it. 

This slimy, snarky, voice comes on air. It’s dark and dreary and sounds like something out of a horror film. The voice is taunting, but not in the way they intended. At least I hope. 

Suddenly my skin starts crawling. My lip turns up, and my arms wrap across my breasts. This ad is making me feel violated. It’s making the air around me feel suffocated and invaded. I want to run away. 


The Campaign: 

YES. I’m still talking about a RADIO ad. 

Infact a radio ad which features in a series of ads, both curated for radio and TV (I don’t own a tv). For a well known, popular South African Airline. Sadly. 

What shocked me, is after the ad I immediately went into victim mindset, maybe it’s just me. Am I the only one? Should I contact them? Should I keep quiet. 

I’ve been a victim, I am a survivor and let me tell you, as a grown woman, no AD should ever make you that freaked out. 

Maybe it is just me, maybe I am alone. And so what? It makes me wonder though, who was behind the curation and the passing of the ad. 

At least. I. Did. Until…. 

The Follow Up: 

So yesterday, while browsing around Twitter I came across this brands latest update. 

They’ve gone back to the drawing board, and in a continuation (save us all, I literally don’t have enough wine for this) of the campaign, they’re explaining the reasoning behind their ad series and what started the campaign in the first place. 

Infact it’s a bit of a clapback to a disgruntled customer which they turned around for a more positive outcome. The concept is good, I’ll give them that. 

The implementation? Not so much. 

The Outcome: 
Am I saying all the ads in the entire series are disastrous? NO. Am I saying I’ll most likely fly with another brand when I have a choice? YES. And that’s a lesson in marketing 101 for you kids! 

The ad made me feel dirty, upset, awkward, trapped. When I think, hear or see your branding, I now think of nothing but that ad. And it’s sad, I liked flying with this brand, their humor on board was always well received. Their fees, average, and their reputation, good. 

Now every time that ad comes on I switch stations until it’s over. Every time I see them on a social media platform I increase my scrolling speed (that’s a thing, I promise) past their post. 

Oh and before you jump on my ass about being hyper sensitive to ads that are slightly, sexual, sexualized, got something to do with dolphins, turtles, the color blue, the sand forrest, global warming, Barney, my left foot, a vagina, faux fur, the Kardashians or the LGBQT community! 

Know this. The ad in question had NOTHING to do with any of the above. 

And it still made me feel that way. 

Let that sink in. 

And As Always….



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