I Tried Rolling My Clothes & It Sucked, So Let’s Go Visit Tuscany & Drink Wine Instead? 

So, I tried rolling my clothing while packing my luggage, as opposed to just being a good packer, and not messing with a technique that has never cause me any problems. 

By the 3rd rolled item, I was already frustrated. Now hear me out, when I say I’m a good packer, I mean it. Whether I have 5 minutes or 5 days, it doesn’t really matter. 

I grew up around people who work in industries where “fitting” things together properly are part of their daily grind. Including that of my own. 

I’m in an environment where “Fridge Teteris” is an actual game and you won’t believe what we can fit into a VW Polo (without breaking any laws). 

And yet, the rolling-clothing-packing game, is one I am not interested in playing again. 

I know its popular? I know some people swear by it, but for me, this packing tip, gets a big NO from me! 


The 1st issue I had with rolling all my clothing, was that, all the materials were different. Which meant they didn’t roll,or squish the same way. This left uneven gaps, wasted space and just made life that much more annoying?

You know what doesnt make me annoyed? 

Packing all my shirts on top of each other, repeating the process with my pants, and even going so far as to include my underwear. And lo and behold it WORKS with about 100% less annoyance factor. 

Your Suitcase Shape: 

Okay, I can’t blame my suitcase here. I freaking love my suitcases. Both from American Tourister, a brand from the House of Samsonite. I’m sure you’ve seen just how many of us adore our AT’s, we even have a # online called #MeAndMyAT

So the case I was using for my weekend away, was the smaller of the two. This one is my favorite, it’s covered in Star Wars graphics and references. It turns a few heads and is so me, it’s like they designed it around the concept: “What would Cee roll?

Anyway the point is, I have no issues with my case, it’s great for a weekend away or a month on the road. 

You know whats not good for it?

Rolled clothes!!!! Honestly if you have any kind of case that isn’t perfectly flat on the bottom then you’re screwed! The grooves in my case meant,the rolling of my clothes was about to become mission impossible! 

Not only was I now dealing with all the gaps, but because of the grooves, these gaps became either wider or smaller, neither boding well for the state my clothes would be in, upon arrival at the destination. 

Jackets, Jumpers, Jerserys, Just….Dont:

So eventually after taking a least 30 minutes longer than I usually would to pack, everything was in. 

I then packed the shoe and toiletry compartments and was ready to throw my hoodie in, when I realized the various levels and un-even base of my clothes, meant my hoodie wasn’t going to fit on top properly. 

I pulled out the luggage juijitsu…

After twisting, turning and whispering sweat nothing’s to my case, I managed to close it. The entire packing experience had left me annoyed, frustrated and not in the mood to open my case if I had forgotten anything. Not to mention I just carried my trench coat. 

I guess not every packing or travel tip is for everyone. 

And maybe that’s the biggest lesson learnt out of this experience.

As a travel writer I read and engage with so much advice it’s often hard to know which way to look. And my advice? (oh the irony) is to read and research as much as you can, before making any decisions. 

Make sure the destination you’re seeing in photo-perfect Instagrams actually looks like what you’re being shown. 

Make sure that the destination you’re visiting, is suited to your type of travel, ie don’t book a week in the Canadian Alps if you don’t like wet weather, snow, rain, or wildlife. And visa versa. 

If your idea of a holiday is wine tours, good food and romantic evenings, try Venice or Tuscany, not Miami central! 

Much like, I’ll never be roll-packing my luggage again, it’s just not worth the pre-departure frustration. I also find my clothing was less crumpled when I packed my normal way, and I seemed to actually for far more in, when I didn’t roll it. 

Each to their own, these are the lessons of travel we learn in life. 

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And As Always……. 



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