Wine Review:La-Motte Chardonnay

Photo Credit: Google Images / La Motte
Photo Credit: Google Images / La Motte

When the folks at La Motte sent me a bottle of their Chardonnay, I was so excited. Throughout my hospitality career, I have seen the La Motte brand being enjoyed all over the world. I myself have always heard it to be a recommendation brand. Something you have at a fine dining dinner with friends, or on that special ladies boat cruise. It’s known and regarded for being a wine of Class. For having an air of distinction about it. It’s something that you place on a table to make the table look good.

My experience with Chardonnay over the years, has not been anything to write home about. Often I find that wine makers, can have an outstanding range, until you get to their Chardonnay. It’s a bit of a clink in the armor, and that is why, when someone does it well, and with class, I have to tell the world about them. Meet the La Motte Chardonnay. The best Chardonnay I have had in my life and 12 year Hospitality career.

The bottle itself, has a dark green olive color to it, which gives an appearance of substance. The Chardonnay itself, is supposed to be composed of Citrus, Tropical Fruits and Cashews. I pleasantly found that the citrus notes were not sharp on the tongue, as you often find in some wine brands. In fact as you sip on this delicious wine, it gently teases your taste-buds at the tip of your tongue, and then rolls out like red carpet on the rest of your palette. Swish* Swish* Swish* he he he

I am also thoroughly impressed with the amount of Information on the La Motte Website. Here are some examples:

Although, what does one expect when the Estate is owned by one of South Africa’s leading Mezzo-Sopranos? The Class of this brand, starts all the way back in the Vineyard and shines through in everything La Motte touches. From their bottle design to their website layout.

Keeping to true South African nature, the La Motte Farm Shop is not to be missed if you’re in the area. I can’t imagine anything better than trying out some Shiraz Bread and La Motte Java. If you’re happy to stick to wine, you can also send gifts home along your travels from the Farm Shop. The La Motte Body/Skin-Care Range are made from essential oils harvested on the estate. With easy carry sizes to slip into your Travel Back Pack, or pop in the post to friends around the globe.

Photo Credit: La Motte
Photo Credit: La Motte

As with any good Wine Brand, the Food Pairing Course is a must. However specific to the La Motte Range is the Food Pairing Course Pierneef à. This was created by Chef Michelle Theron as is only found at the La Motte Pairings. When a brand goes to this much effort to make sure you are taken on a unique experience, they have my attention.

My resulting verdict?

Go out and experience the La Motte Estate for yourself. Add it to your travel plans, add it to your bucket lists. I think as an Estate and as a brand the team has taken major effort to make their clientele No.1 To ensure that those who choose La Motte as a drink of choice do so without question. La Motte drinkers do not have wondering eyes and I think I finally understand why this is. I look forward to trying some of the other wines in the La Motte range and possibly attending an event or two myself.

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