iHeart The iHeartMarket – Durban


I iheart the iHeartMarket. 

It reminds me of being a kid. My earliest memories are of my parents manning stalls at the Durban Beach Front Market every Sunday, and then later on at the Stables. I made some of my best friends as a kid, running wild and free around flea markets.

And then they stopped. The markets died out & were shut down all over KZN. There was just this stigma to the markets and people wanted out asap. Prices went up, venues were not looked after and sellers were often rude to buyers, causing a hostile working environment between themselves.

And then the beach front started getting revamped, people around the city started coming together and cleaning up the grounds. The World Cup was hosted and suddenly we had this HUGE center in the middle of our city, with ample parking, beautiful lawns, easy access from all directions and an idea grew. And grew some more, and more and then the iHeart Market was born.

So this past weekend, when Durban was putting on yet another stellar show, hosting events all over the City, Aidan and I made our way down to the iHeart Market. If you’re wondering, the iHeart Market is hosted on the lawns  of the Durban Moses Mabhida Stadium. All the stalls and tents are spread enough apart, to accommodate the bustling bodies wondering through the market, whether on foot, in wheelchair or with baby stroller.


Speaking of kids, there is no chance they’ll get board with the water fountains, and garden space to run all their energy out.
Bring a picnic blanket for after your shopping, bask in the sunlight for the rest of the afternoon with friends and family while your kids play in eye sight. Oh and grab some buy some @FunnyBunnyDBN Burgers. Jokes side LOOK at them.


Once you’ve filled the bellies, calmed the kids and the crowds have thinned out a bit its time to go hunting.

I came across some lovely independent start up companies that I thought needed some mentioning.

First up was Tara Van Wyk from MagPieCalls a lovely lady from Hillcrest who hand makes each and every creation she sells. Tara describes herself as being Up-cycling conscious, aka taking something old and making it into something new. I love that, always encouraging people to utilize what we have before we go buying off the shelves, and if you can support a local #MADEINSA designer then why not?

So all your costume, jewelry and everyday fashion accessories contact Tara for some assistance. I personally LOVED the white lace dress with accessorize she had on display at the iHeartMarket don’t you?


Next door to Tara I found a table of Customized Bows I almost run away with. No really, those Game of Thrones Bows have to much game! House Stark, Barathon, and Lannister...in my hair? Hello!!! And of course id need the Batman one as well. You know me and my bows, they go everywhere, hair, dresses, shirts, clip, clip, clip 🙂

The bows, are available from the Frockabilly Range by Cherry Lisa on the Hello Pretty SA Online Store. I will be adding these bows to my “August Lust-Haves” List, look out for them there.


After that it was off to meet Calvern from Calvery Ink. A clothing range inspired by Ink and Tattoo Designs. No this nothing like Ed Hardy, meh just thinking of that disaster brand makes me nauseous. Calvery Ink, is a clean cut,simple design and neat range. The display stall is what caught my eye, with wooden furnishings and stark white materials, I was already in love.

I love seeing all these local brands popping up and the support that SA is giving to its local business and start up communities. Calvern and Calvery Ink are based in Glenwood. Unfortunately the Blog and Web-links don’t seem to be in operation, but you can contact him directly through Facebook. Now, to get my hands on one of those Calvery Ink Hoodies….


Next I went outside to try and track down Aidan who I had lost in among the crowd. Luckily for me, I found these pretty Protea flowers, which I then continued to stare and photograph. Ooops…sorry Aidan. And can I just say that’s a F^$#@%&( amazing price for Protea Flowers.


The wonderful plants and hangers kept coming as I made my way towards Funny Bunny Durban, where I had an idea I would find Aidan.

These hand crocheted plant hangers are done by the lovely Hlah who is a bit of a jack of all trades. Hand crafting these stunning home feature pieces while also being a Graphic Designer? You Go Girl! Talk about a creative soul. You can contact Hlah through Design Spectrum.


And then with one last stop, I found the lovely young Dhiantha Achary. A talented young designer who paints designs on white Tomy Takkies.


Personally I need like ALL of the pairs, but suggest you should get in on this as well. Dhiantha is active on Facebook, at LACED and Instagram at: @Dhiantha showcasing her work all over Durban with her stunning Designs. I am hoping to feature both Dhiantha and a pair of her amazing Tomy’s on this site very soon, so keep your eyes open for that.


And with that, we had iHearted the iHeart Market in Durban.

What a lovely day. The work that has gone into creating this reoccurring event monthly is evident in the pride that stall holders and sellers alike show at each market. The area’s are clean, safe and relaxed. You can also wonder over to the Restaurants and Stores located on the front of the Stadium. I know the wonderful team that is Jackonville Co. Coffee have a store on site, which is well worth popping into.

And As Always…..



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