What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

(Image by: blog.shareaholic.com)
(Image by: blog.shareaholic.com)

You’ll need a bigger bag!

I have gone from living a life where pocket space on my pants was enough, now I lug around this over the shoulder boulder holder bag (yes that keeps the tatta’s in check too)! The investment into a good, practical yet stylish bag is a must.

Somewhere to keep your smartphone, digital camera, tickets (bloggers always have tickets to something), a pen, paper and all the make up! My gosh the make up! Possibly an extra shirt or jacket, you never know where your day will take you. And what ever products you’re busy reviewing and have to keep on you at all times.

I’ve been looking for the perfect bag now for weeks, but haven’t yet found anything that just quite fits my needs. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comment box please.


You know everything! 

You’re always looking for the next gig, the newest restaurant, the coolest hotel and the best mascara deal. And sometimes that makes shutting off very hard. Its bad enough I have a hospitality back round and already found it hard to enjoy a meal while out, but now its totally impossible. As soon as I bite into something I am thinking about how to describe the taste to my readers. What the mood lightning is like and where the best table is. You’re automatically recalling people’s names and introducing yourself via your Website name.

And to you, its all perfectly normal. So how do we make things fun again? By doing things we’re not used to and not comfortable with. If you blog about Travel, then instead of staying in the “usual” type of accommodation change it up. Stay somewhere different, don’t introduce yourself or tell anyone about your Blog until you leave. Try some adventure activities that put you with other people who have normal habits.

Stop with the selfie sticks, don’t photograph your best friends wedding step by step unless she’s actually hired you as the photographer and learn to love a little more. Next time you feel like rehashing your blog page, use the time to read someone else’s blog and COMMENT if you liked it, its the best kind of motivation to anyone.


There is No Time Zone!

As I run a website and blog combined on one site, my working hours are a little upside down. In truth I am generally more active at night be it on social media or writing articles or content writing. It’s the perfect time when people are in bed reading or catching up on news, and when people are waking up and getting ready for their day on the other side of the world.

When people ask me how many hours a day I work and I tell them, there is usually some shock and horror. We’ve said it a million times folks being a professional blogger and or travel writer is NOT all sunshine’s and selfies. I can work anywhere from 08h00 to 04h00 the following morning 6 -7 days a week.

Being present is what this gig is all about. And hard work does pay off. Yes, its long hours, editing and the likes but its one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself in my life. This space here is mine and every choice I make is my own and affects me directly. I’m the boss. And I am okay with that, actually I love it!

Free Samples and Tickets Don’t Pay Rent! 

In the beginning, especially as a professional blogger. You have to do free stuff! It’s almost a right of passage. Now this is not to say you HAVE to take all the free stuff that’s being offered. Never ever let your morals and ethics of YOUR site be tainted by representing something you’re not okay with. If you don’t like the product, client or brands ethics, don’t do it. Chances are there are readers who have the same reservations as you and by repping that company you’re associating it with your space and who you are.

Be polite when discussing samples and free write ups. Its great and vitally essential to build a relationship with the brand you’re working with. I personally have no time for a pr company who sends me a group email with the title, Dear Blogger. It’s rude, and we are NOT your free marketing avenue. We’re independent marketers, there is a difference.

Lay out your vision with the person you’re communicating with about your partnership or representation. If you need to specify that you’re starting out and would love to work on a project together, but that in a year you will have a rates card which you will send out to brands if that’s where you site ends up going. That way you get an opportunity to showcase your work with a well known brand and be on their “future campaigns” list.

After a set amount of time. STOP. Once my numbers and followers were starting to have a consistent growth rate and engagement I started putting a figure to my hard work. As you are so rightly entitled to do so, marketing is one of the biggest industries in the world and now a sector you’re in. You’re most likely doing it 24/7 if you’re a year in and you need to cover costs like any other human being at the end of the day.

You can always specify to brands that you’re open to product drops but that you will not be obliged to write up anything at all on any free samples or un-arranged drops.

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It’s the best thing you’ll ever do! 

I know the trending term these days is Blog, but I’ve been doing this since I could read and write. We just used to call it a dairy or journal. And the reason its so amazing is because now you can tell that coffee shop you visited today just how much you love their carrot cake. And others can read about the coffee shop where you had the carrot cake. And the brand can tell people to come eat their carrot cake. And in the end something you wrote down, ended up being an engaging activity between humans. And that’s generally the point of brand management and awareness.

Extreme self growth is a symptom of being a blogger or writer. You’ve all these people reading what you’ve got to say and all these brands interested in what you’re doing, where you’re going and why. And finally you get to honestly and openly decide on how your express and show your character. You can do it in the written word you can do it in imagery, you can do it. You. I can’t tell you how much I have learned over this last year and how much of myself I have been able to “bring to life”. How great to feels to be able to say Yes or No and be heard. To see just how great yourself is in ways you never imagined.

There is obviously much like the rest of life a possible down side to these pointers, what you’re given in life you can choose to use for good or bad, but I have to be honest. I have never felt so supported, motivated and encouraged in my life. I am happy. Truly, truly happy doing what I do….

As a professional blogger I get to write posts like this, and just talk to my readers and as a professional I also get to educate, teach and learn from people all over the world.

Do you have a blog? What have you found to be the up and downs of the experience? Let me know in the comment box below! 

And As Always….



4 Replies to “What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging”

  1. Hi! Just stopped by to congratulate you on your post! It was very cool and compelling (and stylish too!) keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. A very interesting perspective on blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Day made! 🙂

      I will head over to your site right away 🙂 I love finding new bloggers and sites to explore.

      It’s been an interesting journey thus the perspective 🙂

      And As Always…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! Running a blog is hard work and although it’s a lot of fun too there’s a high level of commitment involved and switching off is really difficult sometimes. Thanks for the top tips, I’ll definitely try and remember them next time I feel stressed! Rach x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Cee

    This is a great post, I’ve only just started blogging part time, and let me tell you it is hard work. But reading inspiring posts like these are what keeps me going.

    I enjoy your blog a lot, and could just spend hours reading it.

    Love and peace Jo


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