The Boiler Room a 9th Avenue Creation


Images both by: Reynard Van As and Provided by #TheBoilerRoom

I don’t know what it is but everything Gina and Graham put their hands too turns to gold. Having done a restaurant review on 9th Avenue Bistro a few months ago, I was delighted to hear that they have opened another establishment in Durban. The evening before going for lunch I scrolled through their website, absolutely drooling all over my keyboard at the menu. There is something for everyone on the menu and if I had a big enough stomach I would have eaten everything on the menu too.

The Boiler Room is situated in the historic Lion Match Factory building along side with other small businesses and eateries. The reason behind the name? It is actually the building in which the “old boiler room” was situated and so aptly named. Although one wouldn’t know that when arriving. One thing that got me excited were the images on the website. Often things look a little better once edited and tweaked! Not this place, this looks EXACTLY like it does online. The beautiful wide opening entrance, the soft but welcome light that floods the floors and the fresh air and bright colors that waft through the space. _E3C6876When we walked in there was a table being setup for a group of around 12. It was right in the center of the room and not far from our table, yet the way the room is built we honestly didn’t hear a thing or feel overwhelmed by noise. In fact the gentleman across from us was having a web-chat and the man next to him a business meeting…as we were. #Durban-Indaba2016 (14 of 46)The wonderful Kerry welcomed us with such a lovely bright and open smile. I will continue to say this as I have over the years that I have been in the industry. Your staff make or break your brand. Its that simple. You can have a bad day, or have a meal sent back to the kitchen or even be quiet but nothing is worse for any brand in hospitality than staff who aren’t 100% on board and in love with what they do. #Durban-Indaba2016 (27 of 46)And then it was time to get down to the real business. Reynard Van As from had joined me for a pre-indaba business lunch and also took several of the images featured in this post. Thank you Reynard!

Starting our meal off Reynard had The Pulled Pork Quesadilla with Blue Cheese & Coleslaw and I ordered the Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Rocket and Avocado. It hit the spot exactly! The ingredients are served on home made health bread which was made to perfection. I can find absolutely no fault with my meal in any way. It was light, fresh, crunchy, and healthy. Oh and my salmon was shaped like roses. #Durban-Indaba2016 (19 of 46)#Durban-Indaba2016 (17 of 46)#Durban-Indaba2016 (21 of 46)Honestly if you’re not now seriously craving Salmon after looking at this dish, then we can’t be friends anymore. I really loved the fact that I felt full after eating this open plan dish but I didn’t feel heavy or bloated which happens quite often when you eat out and often it ruins the experience. I was able to have a well put together meal and feel great when we left.

I really and truly love, love, love the atmosphere that is The Boiler Room. It’s just so open. There is so much space and for me that’s a huge drawing factor. I hate feeling locked in or claustrophobic in small spaces with other people.The way the boiler room is designed with an open kitchen to boot, there is no “hustle” no “rush” as per say, yet everything runs smoothly, arrives in good time and tables are cleared when needs be. 2015-09-15 13.53.45-12015-09-15 13.29.01-1 And let’s be honest, any establishment who provides excellent food, great atmosphere and is AFFORDABLE for the average consumer to enjoy is a star in my book. The prices at The Boiler Room are really great for the food portions you get and the quality of ingredients that are used and I think that is an important factor in Durban businesses.

So after much business talk with Reynard we were convinced into having some dessert. Kerry told us about a wonderful cheesecake creation that they had and we both decided to go for it. Most likely one of the best life choices I have made in ages. Jokes aside, who would have thought that Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Sour Cream Trim and Ice Cream would taste as mind blowing as it did? Oh and it did! #Durban-Indaba2016 (23 of 46)

Gina, Graham, Kerry and ALL the Boiler Room staff. I am just enthralled. I can’t find a single thing I do not like about your venue, your food, your ambiance and your ingenuous food creativity. Not once while sitting there with you did I feel any tension between staff, not once was I cold orhot or over crowded, not once were our plates left to long or were we ignored. Not once did I feel like leaving The Boiler Room.

You have created a majestic and beautiful atmosphere, and team. You should be and need to be proud of your brand of your service and of being one of Durban’s Best Establishments as far as I am concerned. You blew my mind away and I got so much more than I expected at every step of the way. And that is stellar service. #Durban-Indaba2016 (26 of 46)If you’d like to know more about The Boiler Room or even 9th Avenue Bistro please click on the highlighted links and move over to their webpages, which by the way have been beautifully updated.

And As Always…

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