My Style Icon of The Day: Alecia Beth Moore (PINK)

pink fashion

Without Introduction needed, Ladies And Gents I give you….PINK

The most unapologetic female artist of the 90’s and 2000’s. 
Here’s to her and everything she inspired in me….

Talk about a wild card even that in itself is an understatement. Pink created the deck of wild cards, designed them, gave me them out and proceed to own the game that they are used to play. I don’t even know where or how to start my Style Icon this week, because for me she goes so far back. Pink not often seen in the spot light these days by choice, is and will forever be one of the most inspiring people to me. As kids we all have our “Celeb” crushes, our idols, the people we want to be, the bad-asses, the boy bands, the people our parents are scared of, and the ones they’re happy we like. Pink was all of those rolled into one.

pink 90s wild

Alecia has always had this ability to be nothing and no one else but exactly herself. Whether she is rocking hip high slit pants and tattoos or dresses by Oscar De La Renta dresses on the red carpet you can be sure that she’s added some kind of Pink twist to her look and is of course competely owning it.

Pink made it okay for girls, females and woman to be as tough as they wanted, while wearing heels and leather. We could be confident baring our taught six pack stomachs that make our boyfriends jealous, or that wild purple and green hair cut with a classic dress. Pink was one of the first Hollywood Celeb’s to activley believe in the truth the we are NOT defined by Gender, nor should be subject to Gender Specific Clothing or Roles. She never gave the often heard excuse that she was just a “Tom-Boy”. In her world, there didnt have to be a reason why wearing what ever the F$@$*! she wanted had to be excused. And thank goodness for that.

She gave all of us MAJOR hip and V-line envy, whether you admit it or not and also made many of us comfortable with being physically different, different shapes and sizes ALL rocked!


With her hits like Stuiped Girls where she honestly and directly tackles issues like low self confidence, body issues, and expectations in today’s society, she quickly became someone we could all relate too on some level.

Pink taught us that it was more important to LOVE in this world than to hate. It was vital to learn to love not only yourself and everything you are, but those around you and everything they are. Her message, whether she intended it or not was acceptance on all levels. A lesson so many of us needed to learn and a lesson I hope that generation is still teaching to others.

I have always loved the wild clothing that Pink seems to keep bringing to the table. Whether she is in a dress or ripped jeans, the textures and prints she chooses are just stunning. She’s learnt that she likes everything and then furthermore, learnt how to put “everything” together and wear it all at the same time.

Who says dresses have to have flowers and hearts all over them? 

pink blue

And who says they cant? 


I mean, what is a dress really, when you can look like this in a Suit? 

pink suite

Or when you proudly own this 90’s look?

pink 90s

How about when your Growl is your Signature?
The amount of time I spent trying to get this right in the mirror…

pink grill grin

So I say too you Ladies and Gents. Own who YOU are! While its great to find inspiration in people like Alecia Moore and the likes, we fall for them because they’ve found themselves and learnt too love and express who they are.

Stop worrying about the cellulite at the beach, stop worrying about being “too” gay. Stop worrying about not liking something or for liking someone. Stop apologizing for the things that are naturally you that society or the media has made you feel guilty about. Focus on the positive aspects of that bit of your character and own it. At the end of the day we’re on this planet as ourselves and its pretty much how we end up leaving us as-well, so if you’re not happy with the way you’re spending the time in between then its time to start loving yourself.

It took Cee a LONG time to stop apologizing for her non Gender Specific dressing or likes. It took Cee a long time to try and understand why people have to identify their sexual preferences to people? It took Cee a long time to finally accept her body, through all the years of Yo-Yo weight, now happily accepting my muscular thighs, and those things called boobs, yes I have a pair and sometimes feel like they’re more of a table or cup resting area than anything else lol. It took Cee a long time to STOP apologizing for other people and to STOP making excuses for other people.

Life is simple folks, sometimes a little harder for some than others, but don’t let fear guide the road in which you walk.

pink motivation

And As Always………



2 Replies to “My Style Icon of The Day: Alecia Beth Moore (PINK)”

    1. She did, just amazing! Also love that she still looks like Pink even though she is a mom.

      She doesn’t put pressure on woman to look like a Victoria Secret Model straight after birth and completely rocked her extra weight this year!

      With the loving words and support from her husband that its just more of her to love. She didn’t let any tabloid or media for a SECOND tell her any different.

      On the breast feeding note, people need to really get over this. If a woman has a sheet or coverage over her intimate bits then what exactly is the issue? Its natural, its healthy and its good for both child and mother. Its not sexual which sadly is the main reason are “disgusted” by it. This society we live in has a sad way of making EVERYTHING sexual.

      Its under the same law that if a woman wears make up she must be trying to look good for “someone” else. Or if a woman, shows a little skin she must be seeking attention? Its so frustrating.

      And scary, I cant wait to show my daughters and sons when I have them, the beauty that exists in this world, because contrary to believe there is still so much…. you just need someone to show it to you.



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