Skin-Care Review: Esse Organic Skin Care

Okay. Let’s get one major fact out of the way before, I tell you about this wonderful brand.

You’re talking or rather reading the Blog of a woman who re-defined the term “tomboy”. If I wasn’t climbing an falling out of trees with my nephew, or taking full frontal hits from the tackle rugby team, I was hitting, bumping and cutting myself on the chassis of car’s.

Further more, a life of travel, adventure, and experience has not been kind on too my skin.

Maybe the fact that I have had chronic insomnia from my childhood and am nocturnal by nature as an adult really has cemented those lovely black rings around my eyes? Let’s just say I am not lining up to compete in any Miss World Competitions.

Now that you know that. I must also inform you. It’s time for a change. As I spend awkward amounts of time, looking like Maleficent (trying to shape my eyebrows) and convincing myself bright red lipstick is making a come back, I have also decide to start taking care of my self. Specifically my skin. Yes, getting fit again and yadda yadda comes with it, but you have to start somewhere and for me, that’s my face.

As with any other Reviews on my Blog I would hold any beauty manufacturer up to just as high ethical, moral an environmental standards as I do everyone else. Going the organic and cruelty free route was non negotiable.


I called up the team at Esse after doing quite the load of research(hours quizzing any and all females I know, along with loads of review reading on the interwebs). The end of my conclusion?  Esse are amazing. They have a great reputation for producing quality products. They are a local brand and that means all the difference to me. Their products come in TRAVEL friendly sizes and extremely cute little wooden boxes.

I am pleased to say. I can 100% back the Esse Range.  And that I was lucky enough to give the following products a spin:

Gel Cleanser, Creme Cleanser, Toner, Rich Moisturizer, Deep Moisturizer, Cocoa Exfoliator

And oh my, what an experience.

Even though we’re not supposed to have favorites, I am in love with my Esse Gel Cleanser. There is something about the cooling affect it gives my skin during application. It’s almost as though you can imagine the little good suds, eliminating the bad suds, and clearing your pores.  Also, it smells amazing. A perfect mix between Peppermint and Spearmint. And Gentlemen, you can use it too.

The Creme Cleanser, is a softer cleanser. Possibly due to the added Marula Oil, Plant Oils, Glucose, Rooibos Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil. Innovative is the word I think? 🙂 Great for removing make up with some warm water.

I’v learnt that once, you cleaned your skin, applying a light Toner is the right way to go. I love the fact that this can be applied in the evening cleansing, or also during the day on top of make up to re-fresh the appearance. I love anything that comes in a spritz, especially while hiking, or doing extreme sports.


And last but not least. When we step into Winter with both feet. We need to remember that while we may get cold, our skin is getting dry. There is nothing quite like having a dense, light moisturizer in a pocket friendly size on your travels.

The Deep Moisturizer and Rich Moisturizer are both perfect for the Winter affects on our skins.

The Deep Moisturizer is great for my young skin. It’s hardy enough to protect my skin against the harsh affects and travel environments I put it through, yet it is also light on the skin and does not competely block my pores.

Often I find that creams block pores and when this happens, you end up either sweaty or with excess oil due to the body over processing. I can feel it feeding my skin, and minutes later, it’s evaporated and my face looks great. Nothing like finding a great NON oil based facial product.

The Rich Moisturizer is slightly more duty wear. I would use this during hikes and exploration trips. Great for elbows, knees and harsh conditions. Also a wonderful firming cream. so if you’re looking to tighten up your skin, I would suggest this route.

So to the team at Esse. I have had great fun testing out your range. I intend to keep using and randomly smelling your Gel Cleanser and yes, I may be starting a small collection of your wooden boxes 🙂


*Please note I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are those of my own. All photography under the CM Photography are that of my own as well, please do not use images without my permission*.

Any other images have been given credit in the caption of the photo.If you’d like me to Review your product please get in touch.

As Always….

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