Skin – Care Review: Charlotte Rhys


Dear Charlotte Rhys, Will you take my hand in marriage?

If marrying a brand was legal, that would be a legit offer. I am in love. Oh how in love Cee is….
I don’t quite know when I became this woman, who scrubs, paints, buffs, sprays and struts, but here I am and I am only getting started.

Taking a bath these days is like walking into a Spa every single day. Realizing the benefit on my skin of Body Scrubs and Polishes, and taking proper care of your face means that Cee is now that woman that takes forever in the bathroom. And if Charlotte Rhys keep it up, we’ll need to add a second bathroom to the house.

Being as you all know by now, in Hospitality for a good decade or so, I have come into contact with the brand often. A lot of Hotels and Spa’s use the brand and a lot of people take their hotel amenities home with them when they’re Charlotte Rhys, he he he he……

Image by: WeddingGiftsDirect
Image by: WeddingGiftsDirect

I find this brand to be incredibly sexy. It’s classy, its suave. Its timeless and it’s now on my shelf, exactly where it should be. Phrases like “Enigmatic and Seductive”, “Mysterious, Exotic and Alluring” are found on the website, next to clean, soft images of beautiful woman.

To me, it says “Hey Ladies, you’re beautiful….now come and believe it”. I love wearing my Charlotte Rhys Eau De Toilette in No.17. It’s strong, fierce, confident and sexy, mysterious and delicate at the same time….

(image By: LandofBlogging)

You can find your signature fragrance on the online site using this easy guide…

Fullscreen capture 20151007 095945 AM.bmp

You can also find the Charlotte Rhys range of Body Polishes, Silks, Washes, and Food through their fresh and funky range YUM. YUM is bright loud, and intense. I tried the Ruby Grapefruit Body Polish, not to be confused with a Scrub. Polishes are generally only found in your local Spa used to gently remove dead skin cells with salt crystals over harder scrub textures.

I did find the polish to be very strong smelling, and would only suggest using small amounts at a time, but I am not the biggest Grapefruit fan as it is, so this is most likely why I found it to be that way. I loved the packaging as the product comes sealed within the tub, you simply squeeze it out into the tub after opening. Thus preventing any spillage via postage.

Fullscreen capture 20151007 102454 AM.bmp

I also love how exotic the fragrances are, I would love to try the Atomic Kiwi Body Silk in the future….

I don’t think when Janet Rhys and Shaun McDermott started the Charlotte Rhys line, that it would expand and excel as it has over the years. The Charlotte Rhys Brand is known for being a Luxurious quality and trusted company. Being able to have and take that home with you is a luxury all on its own, I have discovered.

Fullscreen capture 20151007 100408 AM.bmp

As with all the brands I explore on Ceeces Travel, Charlotte Rhys is a Green Brand. They’re work towards protecting natural resources, sustainable development with their staff and local community and protecting this place we call Earth. In my books that’s just another reason to get married, but that’s just me 🙂

 So as I add the Atomic Kiwi Body Polish and the Perfume Oud Noir to my wish list, I suggest you go online and see what suites you best in the Charlotte Rhys range. With over 100 products to choose from, I am positive you too will come over to the pampered side….

A special thanks to Daphne, who has been an angel and to Charlotte Rhys and the Team. You have an amazing product, and amazing message and I look forward to see what comes next….

And As Always



6 Replies to “Skin – Care Review: Charlotte Rhys”

  1. I love this brand. The candles are great too, so much so that I had to buy an extra suitcase to get my shopping home! Wish we could buy them in the UK.
    Great write up for a great product.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve only ever heard great things about the CR brand – however, I’ve never tried it out for myself!

    Will definitely do so now, considering it comes highly recommended by you and your SMS 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Raessa.

      So can I put you down as +1 for the wedding? He he he he he

      I know right? Its not even 08h00 and I am up dressed and wearing my perfume lol…. obsessed much?

      Def get yourself some and let me know what you get, I am wearing the No.17 fragrance but there are loads to choose from on the website 🙂



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