My Postcard from New York!


Post Card from New York! 

If you’re expecting Cee to act cool, calm and collected, you’ve another thing coming. I literally jumped up and down like a 4 year old when I got given the post and this card was in it. The paper, the stamp, the travel. Which if you haven’t gathered is pretty much what I am all about.

Deepa from The British Tea Room (isn’t that the best name) is self described as a British girl with a cuppa! And I couldn’t agree more. Do not make the mistake of going onto Deepa’s Blog without having a piece of cake or something sweet next to you while reading. In fact as I write this it suddenly hits me that I should invite Deepa to visit me in South Africa and have Fay from FayInTheMaze and myself take her on a weekend of cake eating adventures. *Note to self*

I love Deepa’s Blog. As she says herself, she writes mini blogs and notes to herself on her iphone for post ideas while travelling. That and she has the best afternoon tea guides ever.

Leaving you with questions like

“Where is my tea?” 

“Why don’t I have any cake?”

“Why am I not British?”

Fullscreen capture 20151207 053106 PM.bmp

Deepa is originally from London but is currently in New York. Thus the Travel Post Card I got! It is such a perfect gift to receive on my Blogaversary this year (November).

The art work on the card cover is beautiful and inside a lovely wish from Deepa! Including my personalized Hashtag #LoveAndTravelHugs© 

P1010915 P1010912

Thanks so much for the awesome card Deepa! I just love it!

If you’d like to send Cee a postcard from anywhere in the world, you’d really put a smile on her face. Simply email me by clicking on this LINK. And come find me on Twitter at @CeecesTravel.

I look forward to starting a collection and featuring all my cards on the website.

And As Always….


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