Event Review: Rain_Africa & Durban Bloggers for C.R.O.W


Well, what can I say? A little while ago, an invite dropped into my inbox. I read it, google mapped the location, RSVP’d, and smiled. I was officially going to be attending the Rain_Africa Durban Bloggers for C.R.O.W Event.

I have heard much about the Rain_Africa products and am in awe of their attention to sustainable living, natural and organic products, major company ethical commitments and a lust to create, well a living as per their motto. I knew a few Bloggers that were going to the event and was literally jumping up and down and counting down the days.

Rain_Africa had not mentioned what we would be doing on the day besides that we would be focusing on the C.R.O.W. Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center. C.R.O.W. does amazing work in KZN, well in South Africa to be honest and they have been around for as long as I can remember. C.R.O.W. survive solely on donations from the community and vet’s who offer discounted rescue services. C.R.O.W not only takes in animals who have been hurt, tortured, disabled, sold, or shot at, but also wildlife who need to be re-introduced into the wild.


This is why when I heard Claire from Crow tell us that there is barely to no animal on human interaction, I smiled. Having worked and lived on a Game Reserve myself, I have seen and am often in talks about conservation and what the affects of petting zoo’s and the likes can have long term, especially with the worlds current poaching situation. It was a well welcomed reminder that we as humans have so much more power to protect than destroy those who can’t help themselves.


 I have to make mention that Ryan and Yusuf were on point the entire event. Not only did Ryan_Africa make a point of collecting me at a meeting point, so I could attend the event, but we were given beautifully wrapped and design non – alcoholic welcome drinks upon arrival.

Rain_Africa had laid the tables beautifully, with Body Scrub making ingredients. Halfway through the mayhem and frantic laughter at our table we realized that there was actually a step by step process to making the scrubs. A little too late as we’d all pretty much added everything to our jars. Oils, Essences, and Sugars we being shifted, shared and poured in every which direction. It was great fun I don’t think I have laughed so hard in ages.


The mixing process, was quite fun, as you sampled each others tubs and tried to get certain consistency’s in texture. To the point where the unofficial hashtag for the event became #NeedsMoreOil ha ha ha ha. Water jugs were spilled, something may have been eaten that shouldn’t have been and we had to keep checking on what exactly we could take home with us, roflol. It was a blast, here are the two Scrubs I made up.

So much of Scrub!!




Adding some Rosehip Oil…


A Love of Brown Sugar…


Turned into a 2nd Scrub…


And in the end? Two Rain_Africa Scrubs for Cee 🙂 


After we cleaned up and suited up, Claire took us on a quick tour of the property, to show and explain to us, the work that C.R.O.W does, how they do it and where they need help. To which they do. I would HIGHLY suggest any and all donations towards the C.R.O.W Center, the work is selfless and the impact is priceless.

I have decided not to show any images of the animals we saw in respect of the mission that is crow. This is not a petting zoo and should be treated with as much respect as possible. However this being KZN a little rain could not keep us Durban Bloggers away! Umbrella’s, Rain Coats, Boots and we were off! Of course an obligatory foot selfie was taken by Cee as you knew it would be, although this time we had a visitor, Hazel from Beauty Shout Box popped in to share her shoes with us 🙂


Hazel also had a little Mary Poppins Moment, which I just had to snap 🙂


Claire took her time, patiently explaining to us, how the animals come to C.R.O.W how they treat and heal the animals and make sure that they’re put on the road to healing. We were able to ask questions and gain a deeper insight to the reality of the purpose of this Center.


If you have read my post Five Friday Facts About Cee, then you’ll know why I this was my facial expression, when Claire said we were moving on to the Bird enclosures….. 


So in order to keep my phobia at bay and still learn about the birds, I stayed at the VERY BACK of the line 🙂 Not as cool, calm and collected as my fellow Durban Bloggers 🙂  


Once that was done, we started heading back to the Education Center for lunch! Rain_Africa totally out did themselves again, lunch was beautifully presented. All the food was Halaal and Vegetarian friendly. Quite appropriate I thought, hence the environment we were in. Well Done team! 

110_4989 110_4975110_4991

And if the wraps weren’t enough to tempt you, how about the Chocolate Brownie – Pecan Nut Mousse? Yes, that’s a thing and no, I will not share it with you if I get my hands on any more 🙂 Sorry, not sorry…..

110_4995 110_5002

After lunch and more laughs, we watched some films on how Rain_Africa source their ingredients and products. They really are on top of their ethical business plan and I am pleased to see and hear so, as I love to use and advocate local and ethical businesses. And after using my Body scrubs this week, I can see myself becoming a major Rain_Africa Ambassador.

And then? And the LAUNCH of the Three New Rain_Africa Perfumes. We were not only at a launch but we were the first in South Africa to see the products before they hit shelves.

After snapping selfies with the gorgeous Rain_Africa ladies, were smelt and tried out the scents.

The three scents are Nectar, Twig and Leaf. I found that most of the ladies instantly connected with the Leaf scent, while I liked the Leaf scent, I think I’d be a Twig lady.

I took my sample spray sheet home with me, and smelled it a few days later and was pleasantly surprised at what it smelt like. So for that Birthday I have coming up (next year) don’t pretend you don’t know what I want 🙂


Rain_Africa it was an amazing day, it was so great to hang out with my fellow Durban Bloggers, and to learn more about the company we all so dearly love. Rain_Africa also made much needed donations to C.R.O.W in honor or in name of each Blogger invited and handed them over at the event.


So with good hearts, and great products our day came to an end.

You can find Rain_Africa on Twitter, to keep updated on the latest products and news.

Or you can visit their online site and make some purchases though their store. 

You can also find me, Cee on Twitter at @CeecesTravel  and come and see what Cee is up to on a daily basis 🙂

And As Always….



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  1. Love this post! And the great snaps too – so feeling for that wrap + welcome drink right now!

    Looking forward to purchasing my Rain perfume, Leaf is definitely going to be my pick 😆


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