#CeeAtRepubik – A Story of Renovation

All Photography By: Al Nicoll Photography

As we walked through the door at the recently renovated eatery Republik. It hit me. Not only was it Ceeces Travel’s Entrepreneurial Anniversary. But I had kind of begun that journey at Republik years ago.

Matt fondly recalled how we all used to sit around this rather large square desk in the corner. It looked like a mini office area in the middle of a eatery. I guess what they now call the working co-office before its time.

Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography

None the less none of this was relevant because the food itself at Republik speaks for itself. No hormones. No poisons. No un-ethical farming procedures. Oh no! The folks at Republik have made sure that what they present to you the customer is what they themselves would be comfortable eating.

Knowing how great their food is and that I needed some Republik love in my life we headed up and over the hill to experience Republik after the renovation.


So Al and I went to dinner. And boy did we dine! With the help of our “photography assistant” Matt (he comes highly recommended) we tested. Tasted. And enjoyed every moment of our meal. And managed to get some great photo’s.

Matt introduced us to the craftbeer brand called Mad Giant! I mean what is it with me and craftbeer’s with strong names?

Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography

Starting our adventure off with the BBQ Wings and Halloumi Cheese sticks was no small fete. I managed to get BBQ sauce everywhere. I mean everywhere like cheeks. Table. Everywhere.

And I couldn’t of had more fun! They were the best BBQ Wings I have ever tasted. And I am not a BBQ Wing fan. I always find people make the sauce too sweet and that just puts me off. Republik however made the sauce just right with a slight tang to it. I am still trying to figure out the flavor but it was delicious.

Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography

And even the Halloumi Cheese Sticks surprised me. They were crunchy yet the cheese was melted to just the right degree. Fresh and well made. I could have another round right now in fact just talking about them. YUM!

*Note so self* Dear Republik may we come for dinner again tonight?

Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography

Deciding what to order for mains was hard because the menu at Republik is just so varied and delicious. I mean really the waiter should just tell you what you’re having and that way it would be easier and you wouldn’t ever miss out on anything lol.

Anyway both Al and I went for the Steak rolls! Al with ALL the extras and me with Camembert cheese an extra. You guys know me. I cant live without cheese in my life! I am ALL about the cheese! Just put cheese on everything Cee eats and she will be happy!

In all seriousness though you could not have made a better steak roll if you had tried. The meat was cooked medium rare. The ingredients were fresher than Kayne West.

Okay and we have to talk about dessert! I don’t diet. But if I had been it would have jumped out the window with a happy face when dessert was brought around!


I mean let’s be real…. “what even is reality?”. Lol All I know is that I almost crawled into my peppermint crisp glass! It was kinda of like a Dita Von Tesse act. Just not as sexy.

Wow! Never mind renovating the premises. Republik has renovated the kitchen! What people can expect from a single night out has just changed! Republik has up’ed the game for everyone and I am excited to see what 2017 brings for this brand that keeps going from strength to strength!

Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography
Republik #CeeAtRepublik _AL Nicoll Photography

And with that ladies and gentlemen. I have to say that Al and I rolled out or Republik with fill bellies and many laughs!

Speaking of laughs Republik is one of the 031 Comedy Entertainment Comedy venues! So good food and craftbeer AND comedy? I mean what is not love?

Thank you so much Republik for having us! You know I will be back!

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And you can find AL on all he’s platforms by searching Al Nicoll.

PLEASE also follow our business adventures and event coverages via the twitter hashtag #WeaverBirdComms 

I look forward to seeing you all there…

And As Always….



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